Graybar Develops City-wide Security Solution


The Challenge

Located on the Saco River in southern Maine, the city of Saco is comprised of more than 16,000 residents, numerous commercial industries, bustling amusement parks and scenic beaches that draw many tourists. The city of Saco offers a great place to work, live, and vacation. To ensure this type of environment, the city implemented a city-wide security solution to ensure the safety of it’s employees, residents, and visitors.

So it initiated a city-wide surveillance plan to update security in several city buildings. The police department needed a system to monitor the booking area and the criminal investigation division needed to upgrade from their black and white system in interview rooms so testimonies could be used as evidence in the courtroom. Other city buildings, such as the train station and wastewater plant also needed surveillance plans.

David Lawler, Director of Information Technology, along with Detectives Corey Huntress and Fred Williams turned to Graybar, a distributor of high-quality electrical, communications, networking and security products, to discuss security solutions.

Joe Ouellette, Graybar’s Portland Sales Representative, and Lawrence Mok, Graybar’s Security Marketing Manager met with the Saco team several times over the following months to design a solution for the city’s video surveillance network that would be ready for future expansion.

The Solution

With the design completed, Lawler went to work installing the new infrastructure in a phased approach. The Waste Water Treatment Facility was the first to implement and benefit from the new security solution. Mok and Ouellette prescribed four analog cameras with IR capability and Toshiba’s XVR series recorder to monitor the growing treatment plant.

After the construction of the new train station in 2008, a couple of security cameras were purchased from a local security company during the build, but their performance was less than desirable. Again, Lawler called in Mok and Ouellette to enhance the station’s overall coverage. The train station received a Toshiba IP recorder and seven Toshiba POE IP cameras that provided video capturing and surveillance coverage.

After the train station, the team began the overdue security renovation at the police station. Following several walkthroughs, a plan was developed and the city purchased Toshiba’s IPS30-30-3 Network Video Recorder, to centralize recording for the police department and city hall, a separate DVR for the police interview rooms and 23 cameras with grant money.*

"The cameras covered the police station lobby, booking area, perimeter of the building, and the interview rooms," Mok said. "With the DVR, the department could record and synch audio taken from interrogation rooms and capture watermarked digital recordings to be used in court hearings."

By using Toshiba recorders, the city took advantage of the Surveillex Central Station (SCS) software, allowing the city to manage all of the recorders and digital and analog cameras. The flexibility of the software allowed the city to take advantage of a robust system and the city worked within budget constraints by purchasing though Graybar’s U.S Communities contract. U.S. Communities is a government-purchasing cooperative that works by reducing the cost of purchased goods and services by pooling the purchasing power of public agencies nationwide.

The city was able to take advantage of their existing building infrastructure to manage its CCTV system by installing a UTP infrastructure with the help of NVT’s NV-16PS13-PVD Powered Receiver Hub and NV-216A-PV Power Video Transceivers. UTP cabling provided less inventory management, prepared the city for future expansion, and reduced the number of parts. This provided the city with the growth opportunity to utilize IP cameras in the future and take advantage of new technologies as they become available, while keeping the solution within today’s budget.

The Result

As more city facilities provide security surveillance, the city of Saco and Graybar are committed and ready to provide the citizens and guests with the best possible way of life. The city is very pleased with Graybar for providing a solution that met its needs.

*The City of Saco would like to thank U.S. Senators Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe, as well as U.S. Congresswoman Chellie Pingree, for securing American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds for the State of Maine and especially the City of Saco.


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