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3M Cable Splicing Module Kits Available

These kits contain expendable materials which are needed for each student in the Electrical Training ALLIANCE Cable Splicing Module 1, 2, 3, and 4 courses.

News and Events

  • Strip Cables & Wires Quickly & Easily with Jokari Tools from L.H. Dottie

    Stripping cables can be a real drag. Switching from utility knives to wire strippers doesn’t just tire you out—it eats up valuable install time too. Lower your Total Cost of Install (TCI) and keep your mitts safe with L. H. Dottie’s line of Jokari tools. Jokari cable and wire strippers put versatility, safety, and precision into your hands.


  • Complete Fiber Optic Installs Quickly & Accurately with Infinium Splice-On Connectors from Legrand

    Redoing work isn’t just a drag—it’s also costly. On fiber optic installs, re-terminations cost you twice: first on labor and then on materials. So why rely on traditional fiber optic termination methods that are hit-or-miss at best? With Infinium Splice-On Connectors from Legrand, you’ll reduce your Total Cost of Install and get the job done quickly, accurately, and efficiently.


  • Berk-Tek's LANmark-XTP Ethernet Cable: Proven Performance, Durability & Power

    When you’re setting up a wired network, you need a cable that will meet your customers’ performance and power demands today, tomorrow, and ten years down the road. So why choose an Ethernet cable that may or may not perform as expected? With a Converged Application Score of 8.6, Berk-Tek's LANmark-XTP™ cable is rigorously tested to meet the highest performance standards in wireless access point applications.


  • Get it Done Better & Faster with Ty-Rap High-Performance Cable Ties from Thomas & Betts

    Slow installations and costly callbacks are like thorns in your side. When you’re vying for more profits, both scenarios are bad news for your Total Cost of Install (TCI). So why choose flimsy, all-plastic cable ties that could snap when you tighten them or break after you’re “done” with the job? Do it right the first time with Ty-Rap High-Performance Cable Ties from Thomas & Betts.


  • The Reliable, Labor-Saving Connectivity Solution: The REVConnect Connectivity System from Belden

    Nothing slows you down more on a job site than switching from tool to tool and various termination methods to complete a job. Traditional RJ45 connectors each require their own termination method and punchdown tool or crimper. All that switching drags out installations and increases your Total Cost of Install (TCI). The REVConnect Connectivity System tackles this issue head-on with one universal tool and one simple termination method that’s compatible with all of Belden’s RJ45 connectors and plugs.


  • Milwaukee’s M18 9.0 High Demand Battery: The Battery That Gives You More, More, More

    Milwaukee’s awe-inspiring M18 9.0 HD Battery offers more power and run-time than any standard lithium battery. Delivering a cordless solution that you can rely on even in the most demanding situations, this high-demand battery relies on REDLITHIUM technology to produce efficient power. And with a larger surface area and energy efficient material, it runs up to 60% cooler than competitive lithium batteries.


  • Smart-UPS VT from APC for Your Industrial Applications

    The units vary from 10kVa all the way up to 250 kVa, so you can choose the correct size depending on your load and how much equipment you're trying to back up with battery power.


  • 2016 GFCI Update: Powerful New Layer of Receptacle Safety

    An electrical surge can damage the ground fault sensors, leaving users vulnerable to the risk of electrocution. Manual monthly testing goes a long way to minimizing that risk. But expecting users to test with that frequency overlooks human nature.


  • Klein Tools Journeyman Gloves: Get a Grip on Efficiency, Safety & Productivity

    Choosing the wrong work glove poses a serious threat to your safety and productivity. Improper functionality slows you down, and inadequate protection opens you up to the risk of injury and costly downtime. Whether you’re pulling wire, working with power tools, or switching between light-duty tasks and computer work, Klein Tools has a Journeyman Glove that’s a perfect fit for the task at hand.


  • Cut Labor Costs & Streamline Ordering: Versatile, Compatible, Easy-Install Copper and Fiber Components from Allen Tel Products

    When you’re gunning for a lower Total Cost of Install (TCI), every bit of extra efficiency counts. Wasting time sourcing from multiple suppliers doesn’t exactly help your cause, and neither does an install that moves at a glacial pace. Streamline ordering and cut labor costs with Allen Tel’s versatile, compatible, easy-to-install copper and fiber optic components.


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