Wireless Tower

Graybar serves wireless applications across many customer types, including:

  • Wireless contractors and the contractor community
  • Service Providers
  • Broadband Utility
  • Electric Utility

Contractor – Graybar works with our contractor customers to provide cabling, connectivity, grounding, tools/test/measurement, electronics enclosures and AC/DC power while keeping projects on schedule with project and supply chain services.

Broadband Utility – Graybar works with our customers supporting anything from base station cabling and connectivity, wireless and optical backhaul, muxes, AC/DC power and telecom grade enclosures required to transport large amounts of bandwidth back to the central office.

Wireless Solutions

The key component of all Smart Grid initiatives is a pervasive IP-network to connect smart appliances and meters in homes and offices with electricity producers. Thanks to this network, the usage patterns of each resource can be optimized based on its availability on the grid.