Graybar Special Services

Electric Utility Services Delivery Advantage

Graybar Delivery Advantage

Graybar drivers gather delivery information using their mobile phones* – running Xora GPS TimeTrack™ – while the built-in GPS tracks the driver's location.

  • Helps improve customer service with real-time delivery tracking and documentation
  • Allows for improved tracking for material delivery on project sites
  • JobPix™ feature provides electronic proof-of-delivery

* Available in most locations.
Photos where allowed.

Electric Utility Services Technical Specialists

Technology Specialists

Graybar's specialized teams of Network System Specialists, BICSI-designated RCDDs, automation specialists, and security specialists are available to assist utilities and their customers with the development and deployment of a "connected" infrastructure strategy.

  • We offer solutions from the top manufacturers in the industry that help ensure industry standards compliance
  • Specialized solutions to help meet company objectives and improve customer satisfaction
  • Application assistance to develop solutions
  • Can assist in selling technical solutions
  • Collaborate on system designs and specification development