Project Order Management Reporting

Graybar can offer a focused team that tracks submittals, acknowledgements, shipments and billing.

  • Provides information for short-term scheduling
  • Assists with planning
  • Can increase accuracy of committed dollars
  • Web-based, electronic and hard copy

Proof of Delivery Reports

Graybar can provide a daily recap of deliveries.

  • Proof of delivery for a job or customer
  • Can reduce time spent looking for material that may not be on jobsite
  • Allows billing and shipping reconciliation
  • Allows timely billing and payment

Materials Usage Reports

Graybar can provide reports showing all day-to-day materials used.

  • Organized by cost center, location or project
  • Provide detailed project usage for accurate accounting
  • Help manage material investment
  • Easier to reconcile invoices

Summary Billing

Graybar can provide a summary of all customer invoices in a single report.

  • Financial cost savings
  • Consolidated invoicing on one form
  • Ability to sort invoices by P.O. number or invoice number
  • Reduces paper
  • Reduces payables, processing costs, e.g. checks issued
  • Can be issued daily, weekly, semi-monthly or monthly based on customer needs