3M Solves Fiber to the Antenna Issues

3M's Tower Solutions can help you transition from coax to FTTA with solutions in weatherproofing, fiber connectivity and terminals. Like the new, reusable Slim Lock Closure designed to protect connectors at the antenna and remote radio unit. The Slim Lock installs in seconds, in congested areas, with just one hand. It's the latest innovation in protection from the weatherproofing experts.

3M Slim Lock Closure

Features and Benefits

  • Compact design – fits in small or congested areas
  • One-handed operation – fast installation
  • Easy to install/remove – minimal training needed
  • Resuable – no extra supplies needed to re-seal
  • Re-enterable – allows for PIM/sweep testing
  • Tool-less – allows ease of installation and re-entry

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[PDF] 3M Solves Fiber to the Antenna Issues Telecom Review Article
[PDF] 3M Slim Lock Data Sheet
[PDF] 3M Slim Lock Closure 716 Installation Instructions
3M Slim Lock Closure PowerPoint