FTTx Solutions


OmniReach Multiport Service Terminals (MST's)

The Multiport Service Terminal (MST) and Mini-MST incorporate hardened connector technology that is designed to withstand the rugged outside plant environment. These uniquely designed hardened connectors and terminals are factory-terminated and environmentally sealed for lasting performance and protection.



OmniReach Fiber Distribution Hubs (FDH's)

FDH solutions provide for rapid connection between fiber optic cables and passive optical splitters in the outside plant segment of Fiber-to-the-Premises (FTTP) networks.

FDH Fiber Distribution Hubs for FTTx Networks


ADC Gel Sealed Splice and Patch Closures

Gel Sealed Splice and Patch Closures

Fiber-Optic Splice Closures (FOSC™) combine proven fiber management hardware with a highly reliable sealing system. An important part of a robust, reliable network, FOSC closures help ensure that fiber-optic cables are spliced and housed quickly and easily. FOSC closures facilitate network maintenance and expansion. In addition, FOSC closures help ensure crucial network fiber connections do not fail in the most severe conditions. Available in a range of sizes, they can accommodate any cable size or construction, and protect fiber connections in any environment—aerial, pedestal, buried, or underground. FOSC closures combine proven fiber management hardware with a highly reliable sealing system.


ADC Tyco Patch and Splice Enclosures

Patch and Splice Enclosures

Fiber Infrastructure System Technology (FIST™) trays and organizers are designed to store fiber and splices for single-element, single-circuit, and single- and multiple-ribbon fiber management. The specific arrangement of fiber and splices provides fiber protection, easy access and identification. It also ensures that minimum bend radius requirements of the fibers are met in all parts of the FIST trays and organizers. Used in all FIST-marked products such as closures, patch panels, distribution frames and street cabinets.