Industrial Wire and Cable


To support your communication and automation systems, Graybar stocks the highest-quality, industrial-grade wire to help keep your facility running, including:

  • Welding Cable – Designed for use as welding leads from the secondary side of the power source-typical of arc welders and welding generators. Other applications that require such a high strand count (class M) copper conductor include flexible lead cable, electrode to welder unit, battery cables, and temporary power cables. Available in both UL and non-UL constructions. Lightweight, heavy-duty Insulations/jackets are either EPR, CPE, or TPE. 600 Volt rated.
  • 600V Control/Power Tray Cable – Control size (18AWG-10AWG) tray cable for use in industrial circuits where small diameter, flame retardant cables are required. Power size (8AWG-1000MCM) tray cable is used to supply power to motors, or for connection to other power devices in industrial settings. Both control and power sizes may be installed in cable trays, raceways, and outdoor locations where supported by a messenger wire. Tray cable (Type TC) is also approved for direct burial. This cable may be used in wet and dry locations at temperatures not to exceed 90 degrees C. There are different insulation/jacket combinations, depending on the environment the cable will be in.
  • VFD Cable – Round, shielded low capacitance control cable designed for Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) drive and motor connections, web presses, HVAC, conveyors, or any on/off applications using a VFD drive and motor. Either 600V or 1000V. Multi-conductor, sometimes with "brake" pair included. 16AWG-4/0 size range. Various insulation/jacket combinations and shielding choices, depending on the environment and surrounding equipment.
  • Instrumentation Cable – Either 300V rated power-limited tray cable (PLTC) or 600V rated instrumentation tray cable, with conductors twisted into pairs or triads. Shielding options: Non-shielded (if run in conduit), overall shield (where signals are transmitted in excess of 100 millivolts), and shielded pairs and an overall shield (for areas where optimum noise rejection is required). Different insulation and jacket compound choices exist in order to meet varying environment needs.
  • Portable Cord – A portable cord, also known as portable cordage or flexible cord, is a cable with multiple conductors used for functions requiring flexibility. The cord can be used for a range of applications, such as operating motors in small and large tools, equipment, power extensions, home appliances and machinery. Portable cords have industrial, commercial, and residential applications and are resistant to oil, chemicals and abrasion. They may not be permanently installed. They also perform well in extreme environments – both the heat and the cold, outside or inside. Some portable cords can be water-resistant or water submersible. Because of their characteristics, portable cords are commonly used in a range of facilities, such as construction sites, mills, mines, sports complexes, or even marinas. Although the construction of a portable cord varies depending on the type, a standard cord has at least two stranded copper conductors. The copper stranding, insulation and jacket directly influence the physical properties of the cord. A portable cord is usually made of thermoset, thermoplastic elastomer, or thermoplastic insulations and jackets. Thermoset cords have heavy-duty-grade rubber-like jackets and are extremely sturdy. Thermoplastic elastomer cords have medium-duty-grade thermoplastic elastomer jackets and perform well in cold conditions. Thermoplastic cords have a light-duty plastic compound jacket and thus work for light-duty use. The letters used to describe portable cords have meaning, as shown below:
    • S = 600 Volt Service Cord
    • J = Junior Service - 300 Volt
    • T = Thermoplastic
    • E = Elastomer – thermoplastic that looks and feels like rubber
    • O = Oil Resistant Outer Jacket
    • OO = Oil Resistant Outer Jacket and Oil Resistant Insulation
    • V = Vacuum (typically used with vacuum cleaners and other portable cleaning equipment)
    • W = CSA Weather and Water Resistant (approved for indoor and outdoor use)
  • Plant Power Feeder Cable – Depending on the power requirements inside the plant, this may be a combination of Medium Voltage, multi-conductor cable and also 600V multi-conductor cable. Depending on the specifications, the conductors may be copper or aluminum. The purpose of the cable (s) is to distribute power from the service entrance into the plant/building, and break it down into smaller voltages. This cable is sometimes referred to as Home Run Cable, and is sometimes an armored cable if conduit or cable tray is not the preferred option to "run" the cable to plant equipment, other distribution panels, etc.

Technical Library

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Belden has done extensive testing to compare both the physical and electrical performance of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) cables versus industrial cables. The results of each test clearly indicate why a commercial-grade cable is never suitable for the wide variety of extreme conditions that can be at play in an industrial environment.

PDF Icon Small Unarmored VFD Cable Termination Guide

This Belden VFD Cable Termination Guide takes a step-by-step approach to the connection/termination of unarmored VFD cables with either foil-braid or copper-tape shield constructions.

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Can Commercial Ethernet Hardware and Cables Really Meet the Network Needs of an Industrial Environment? The Answer is "No." Belden is a long-standing leader in industrial Ethernet signal transmissions, offering products and systems that provide 99.999% reliability. The Hirschmann line of Ethernet networking hardware has been proven reliable in even the harshest environments.

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Belden has brought together a comprehensive line of industrial cabling, connectivity and networking devices, offering the most reliable communications solutions for your petrochemical, automotive, pharmaceutical, power generation, pulp and paper, metals, food and beverage or general manufacturing plant.

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By selecting a cable with the correct voltage drop characteristics, you will optimize the operation of your connected equipment, increase your efficiencies and prevent equipment damage.

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General Cable, manufacturer of Carol Brand cables, recently conducted a series of comparative tests in its engineering and development laboratories, performing side-by-side testing of it's Carol Brand cable against a primary foreign competitor (Brand F).

PDF Icon Small Effects of Cold Ambient Temperatures on Rubber Type W versus Plastic Type PPE

For the production engineer and installer seeking the best quality temporary power cable product that will perform under all the demanding conditions required for entertainment and stage applications as well as critical portable power applications, the clear choice is Carol® Brand Super Vu-Tron® Type W Extra-Flex rubber cables, as well as our Type SC cables.

PDF Icon Small GenPower™ LSZH Industrial Solutions

General Cable's GenPowr™ LSZH line of single conductor, Low-Smoke, Zero-Halogen, cross-linked polyolefin cables can be provided in Class B or flexible Class I stranding as standard products, with excellent performance benefits for even the most demanding applications. This line of cables is available in colors for ease of phase identification.

PDF Icon Small Longstanding Medium-Voltage Performance and Reliability with Every Pull - Uniblend LF

Uniblend®, the same brand you've known and trusted for nearly 50 years, now features a Low-Friction PVC jacket for ease of installation. Uniblend® LF is specifically designed to improve installation even under the most difficult conditions.

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UniShield's benefits include everything from increased cable reliability, lower installed costs, lower conduit and tray fill, and quicker dissipation of heat to the ability to use smaller reels and handling equipment.