Industrial Safety


Electrical hazards can result in serious injury or death of employees that work on or around electrical equipment in industrial facilities. To ensure a safe workplace personnel must understand electrical safety standards and regulations, electrical hazards, and safe work procedures and protective equipment.

NFPA 70E – Many OSHA regulations are written in general language leaving the particulars up to the employer on how to comply. The employer is expected to use consensus standards to aid in the selection of the best technique to achieve compliance with the OSHA regulations. While NFPA 70E is not a federal regulation, it is the most widely used “how to comply” consensus standard for OSHA regulations regarding electrical safety and referenced by OSHA.

Graybar can help:

  • Plant-wide safety audit provisions
    • Electrical safety evaluation and training
    • Personnel safety evaluation and training
    • Machine safety audits

Graybar Industrial Safety Brochure

At Graybar, we know that ensuring the safety of your plant and personnel is a serious matter. Graybar is a single source for all of your industrial safety needs. We have a broad portfolio of manufacturers who are well known and respected throughout the industry.

Technical Library

PDF Icon Small Safety Evaluation Guide

A step-by-step checklist to help identify potential safety problems.

PDF Icon Small Surge Protection Devices For Industrial, Commercial and Residential

Complete surge protection solutions for industrial, commercial and residential applications from Leviton.

PDF Icon Small Thomas & Betts Safety and Contamination Catalog

From protecting electrical systems and equipment from unexpected failures that might lead to an environmental incident to providing hazardous material identification and emergency lighting systems, Thomas & Betts provides a wide variety of electrical systems and components to help ensure the safety of facilities, equipment, processed or manufactured products and, most important, people.

PDF Icon Small Leviton Facility Safety and Efficiency Checklist

Identify & correct potential electrical safety hazards & maximize machine uptime in the workplace with this checklist from Leviton.

PDF Icon Small Being Aware of Hazards During Electrical System Inspections

Statistics indicate that five to ten arc flash accidents that involve a fatality or serious injury to an employee occur every day in the United States. Those incidents most often occur when personnel are required (or choose) to work on electrical equipment while it is in an electrically energized condition.

PDF Icon Small [PDF] Panduit Circuit Breaker Lockout System

To aid in complying with OSHA 1910.147, Panduit offers a complete line of high quality, universal Circuit Breaker Lockout Devices to ensure that electrical energy sources are isolated for optimal work place safety.

PDF Icon Small Panduit Lockout Tagout Solutions Catalog

A comprehensive overview of Panduit's training products; lockout devices and kits; padlocks, hasps and accessories; tags, signs and labels; and tapes, letters and numbers.

PDF Icon Small Panduit Safety Padlocks and Kits

Panduit introduces new non-conductive lockout padlocks, designed specifically for lockout/tagout applications to help reduce the risk of electrical hazards while providing high security. In addition, Panduit also offers high security and laminated steel padlocks for application flexibility.

Video icon Lockout/Tagout Training Video

Request your free Lockout/Tagout Training DVD. This 15-minute video is a training video on OSHA 1910.147, the Control of Hazardous Energy.

Video icon Wall Switch Lockout Device Video

How to use a Panduit Wall Switch Lockout Device.

Video icon Gate Valve Lockout Device Video

How to use a Panduit Gate Valve Lockout Device.

Video icon Plug Lockout Device Video

How to use a Panduit Plug Lockout Device.

Video icon Multiple Lockout Device Video

How to use a Panduit Multiple Lockout Device.

Video icon Plug Box Lockout Device Video

How to use a Panduit Plug Box Lockout Device.

Video icon Large Circuit Breaker Lockout Device Video

How to use a Panduit Large Circuit Breaker Lockout Device.

Video icon Circuit Breaker Lockout Device Video

How to use a Panduit Circuit Breaker Lockout Device.

Video icon Ball Valve Lockout Device Video

How to use a Panduit Ball Valve Lockout Device.

PDF Icon Small Electrical Safety Guide from Leviton

This Electrical Safety Guide from Leviton can help to guide a company through the ins and outs of regulations and standards and help choose the equipment, procedures, and work practices to implement an Electrical Safety Program.

PDF Icon Small Maintaining a Safe Working Environment For Electrical Workers

NFPA 70E 2004 (Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace) fundamentally affects the way that workers and employers manage work on electrical equipment. The responsibility for compliance to these standards rests on the facility/equipment owner and employer, but it also affects the electrical worker as well.

PDF Icon Small Electrical Safety Guide PowerPoint

This Electrical Safety Guide PowerPoint from Leviton gives a brief overview of OSHA and NFPA 70 history, a look at understanding electrical hazards and work conditions.

PDF Icon Small Watertight Wiring Devices (PDF)

A complete collection of watertight devices for demanding industrial environments from Leviton.

PDF Icon Small Panduit Safety Systems

Key elements of a robust Safety System include awareness of workplace safety regulations, training for all involved, identification of safety hazards, availability of safety devices and equipment and procedures for bringing equipment to a zero energy state.

Video icon Hubbell Safety Video

Hubbell products are designed and developed to first provide maximum safety against injury and the potential dangers of electricity.

Video icon Leviton Wetguard® Watertight Wiring Devices Video

Wetguard products are the most versatile and well-engineered watertight devices on the market. They meet IP and NEMA watertight standards, and offer many significant advantages over competitive products.

PDF Icon Small 3M Fall Protection Line Card

It is 3M's mission to provide those responsible for the safety of workers at height with reliable fall arrest equipment. 3M offers the knowledge and support to help take the fear out of height.

PDF Icon Small 3M H-700 Series Hard Hat Solutions

The 3M™ H-700 Series Hard Hat is engineered to help provide extended comfort, head protection, balance and stability. The lightweight H-700 series features a unique top of hat design with a short brim in both a vented and non-vented version.

PDF Icon Small 3M H-700 Series Hard Hat with Uvicator Sensor Brochure

With the 3M™ H-700 Series Hard Hat with Uvicator™ Sensor, you'll know when it's time to replace a hard hat due to extended UV exposure. The sensor changes color from red to white as the hard hat is exposed to UV light, alerting the wearer that it's time for a replacement.

PDF Icon Small Bulwark NFPA 70E Catalog

Bulwark's 2012 NFPA 70E/Manufacturing Industry Catalog

PDF Icon Small Bulwark 70E Protective Apparel

Bulwark solutions for safety directors, maintenance electricians, electrical contractors, linemen, managers, supervisors and owners who work directly with 480 V or greater electrical equipment.

PDF Icon Small Bulwark Flame Resistant Catalog

Bulwark's 2012 Flame-Resistant Apparel Catalog

PDF Icon Small 3M E-A-R Hearing Protection Selection Guide

At 3M, we don't just sell hearing protection, we're dedicated to the success of your entire hearing conservation program. 3M™ E-A-R™ and Peltor™ Hearing Protection products are some of the most recognized on the market.

PDF Icon Small Graybar Industrial Arc Flash Safety Brochure

Read this Industrial Arc Flash Safety brochure to learn about the recent changes to NFPA 70E codes, compliance solutions from Graybar and Schneider Electric for workplace safety and the six steps to protect your workers from Arc Flash including safety audits, PPE equipment and arc flash training.

PDF Icon Small [PDF] Panduit Arc Flash Labeling Solutions

Panduit Arc Flash Labeling Solutions are designed to comply with the latest regulations including the 2012 NFPA 70E Standard, also called Electrical Safety in the Workplace. Panduit solutions provide comprehensive identification of hazardous energy throughout the infrastructure to protect employees and equipment.

PDF Icon Small Arc Flash Assessments for Open Switchyards from Square D Services

The National Electrical Safety Code now requires arc flash analysis in outdoor substations.

PDF Icon Small Arc Flash Protection with MASTERPACT® NW and NT Circuit Breakers

The breakthrough technology of the MASTERPACT® NW and NT circuit breaker represents an effective arc flash solution – without the use of, and problems associated with, fuses.

PDF Icon Small Avoid Devastating Electrical Arc Flash Accidents By Following These Safety Standards

Standards set the pace for facility electrical safety, with the tangible payoff coming in the form of reduced medical incident rates, workers' compensation costs and other indirect costs resulting from electrical accidents.

PDF Icon Small Square D Compliance Solutions NFPA 70E 2012

Schneider Electric™ Services advocates compliance to NFPA 70E: Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace not only for worker safety, but also equipment productivity. An arc flash accident can render equipment unusable and place the facility in a costly downtime mode, which could last hours or days.

PDF Icon Small Square D Preferred Methods for Arc-Flash Incident Energy Reduction

This bulletin describes Square D preferred methods for AFIE reduction that do not involve compromises to selective coordination. Alternative approaches are also presented, as well as their associated risks and technical issues so that consultants and end users can make informed decisions.

PDF Icon Small Square D Services Report Offers Important Information to Electrical Industry Workers on Arc Flash Safety

In recognition of National Safety Month, Square D®, best known in the United States as the flagship brand for Schneider Electric's North American Operating Division, is offering a free report that provides advice and tips to plant facility managers and others in the industry on arc flash safety.

PDF Icon Small Removing Workers from the Danger Zone Can Help Limit Arc Flash Injuries

Installing safety products like infrared windows and remote racking systems in electrical equipment help keep workers out of the arc flash danger zone around electrical equipment. These prevention devices are among the many tools companies can use to comply with NFPA 70E, the new workplace standards designed to minimize arc flash accidents and injuries.

PDF Icon Small 9 Steps to Avoid Arc Flashes

There are important steps that companies can take to reduce the occurrence of electrical accidents and better protect the worker and the employer from the physical, financial and statutory consequences of electrical accidents.

PDF Icon Small Arc Flash Energy Calculations for Circuit Breakers and Fuses

While several methods are available for calculation of arc flash incident energy levels and flash-protection boundaries, they may yield widely different results for a given system location. The equations and methods in IEEE 1584 should be used for arc flash analysis whenever possible, but the Hazard/Risk categories in NFPA 70E and the theoretical model for calculation of arc flash levels (also included in IEEE 1584) may be useful in some situations.

PDF Icon Small Arc Flash Application Guide

OSHA has begun to write citations based on the NFPA 70E requirements. The National Electric Code (NEC) 110.16 also requires that many types of electrical equipment be field marked to warn of potential arc-flash hazards.

PDF Icon Small Modern Electrical Equipment Can Limit the Severity of Arc Flash Incidents and Injuries

Modern electrical equipment can contribute significantly to minimizing the severity of injuries and equipment damage caused by arc flash incidents, using technologies designed either to limit the amount of current flowing in an arc flash or to remove workers from the arc flash danger zone. These products reflect a better understanding of how arc faults occur and how to protect against them.

PDF Icon Small Minimizing the Risk of Arc Flash Incidents

Incident energy is the energy generated during an arc flash event that is impressed on a surface such as a human body a specified distance from the arc. An arc flash can produce temperatures much greater than 5000°F at the center of the arc. The best way to avoid an arc flash incident is to prevent it.

PDF Icon Small Optimizing Strategies for Protecting Against Arc Flash Incidents Requires Thorough Understanding of How Protective Devices Function

Given the current focus on arc flash safety, it is critical that electrical distribution system designers understand the characteristics of all available over-current protective devices and select those that will provide the best combination of protection for both the electrical system and the worker.

PDF Icon Small Switchgear Virtual Main Arc Flash Mitigation System (SVMS)

Square D Services offers a turnkey solution to upgrade switchgear equipment with the addition of a virtual main. This is a new concept as an arc flash mitigation technique since it reduces the arc flash energy on the entire switchgear, including the main incoming section. Other solutions do not protect the entire line-up.