Renewable Energy



A key goal of most energy policies is to rapidly increase available sustainable energy generation which may benefit all citizens over the long term. As renewable energy options emerge, Graybar remains dedicated to providing products and solutions that help make utilization of these energy sources possible. Product offerings for Wind energy solutions and Solar energy solutions include the following:

  • Mounting Solutions
  • Circuit Management
  • Wireless
  • Medium and High-Voltage collector and substation systems
  • Cable management systems
  • Electrical Protection
  • Combiner Boxes
  • Grid-Tie and Automation Solutions

PDF Icon Small Harnessing the Renewable Power of the Sun

As a company committed to environmental stewardship and renewable energy, General Cable has specifically designed its SunGen suite of products to effectively and efficiently connect solar panels and concentrated solar power technologies while being able to withstand the harsh operating environments of solar power applications.

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SunGen® Dual-Layer EPR/XL-CPE Photovoltaic Wire, 600 V, UL Type PV/USE-2/RHH or RHW-2, 90°C product features, applications and compliances.

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Decreasing our dependence on foreign oil and heightened environmental concerns continue to drive solar energy market growth. However, total life cycle cost-per-watt and levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) remain the critical factors in justifying any project. Seeking a partner like Cooper Industries, with experience and innovative solutions, is key to driving down any solar system's overall installation and ongoing maintenance costs.

PDF Icon Small Surge Protection Technology Used in Power over Ethernet (PoE) Protection

Applications using PoE and PoE+ in open-air environments are subjected to large surge currents, and protection must be installed to prevent damage.This paper will outline the components, standards and grounding used in PoE protection.

PDF Icon Small ExZhellent Cables for Photovoltaic Solar Energy Installations

ExZhellent Solar ZZ-F (AS) and XZ1FA3Z-K (AS) cables have been designed to withstand the demanding environmental conditions that arise in any fixed, mobile, roof or architecturally integrated photovoltaic installation.

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With a broad range of wind generation, transmission and distribution cables that link turbine sources to the grid and beyond, General Cable is your renewable energy cable partner.

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With the same dynamics as the power supply market has developed in the last few years, Phoenix Contact has and will provide innovations that "give wings" to the wind power sector.

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As a long-time leader in the industrial arena, Belden offers high-performance data and signal transmission solutions that are ideal for wind power generation and distribution: systems that permit the desired level of control, 99.999% reliably.