Control Panel Systems

In today's demanding manufacturing environments, power generation facilities and remote locations, equipment reliability and uptime are absolutely required. Critical support systems depend on electrical, control and network panels – in particular, the high-quality control panel products from Panduit and Graybar that improve efficiency, safety and productivity while reducing operating costs.

Panduit offers a broad, integrated portfolio of products that lower design and assembly time to help you speed through installation and keep maintenance and operating expenses down. Panduit panels also maximize panel space with innovative products that reduce the enclosure footprint or allow additional components to be installed. And they comply with regulatory standards UL, CSA, CE, NEBS Level 3 and ABS.

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Panduit Control Panel Systems

Panel System Considerations

  • Do indoor or outdoor environmental operating conditions (i.e., temperature, humidity, precipitation, corrosion) impact the expected operating life of your equipment?
  • Is space at a premium? Are there numerous constraints such as tight and hard-to-access areas?
  • Is regulatory agency approval required (i.e., UL, CSA, ABS, NEBS, etc.)?
  • Are you concerned with electromagnetic interference (EMI) "noise" inside control panels?
  • Can you quickly troubleshoot circuitry and wiring to identify faulty components?
  • Are you concerned about network security and integrity?

The solution: Panduit Panel Systems

Panduit UPI Solutions for Industrial Automation

Optimizing Control Panel Layouts for Noise Mitigation in Factory Automation Systems

Electrical noise is one of the core issues affecting the performance and reliability of industrial control systems and the real-time information they provide. The noise emitted from sources such as PWM drives, power supplies and inductive load switching can adversely affect system efficiency and uptime by interfering with analog signals, industrial network transmissions and PLC programs.