Effectively Mitigate Noise in Control Panel Environments with Panduit

Managing equipment reliability, while maintaining manufacturing productivity is critical within factory automation systems. As communication networks expand on the factory floor, adequate design and deployment objectives need to be achieved. The impact of electro-magnetic interference (EMI) “noise” is often overlooked during initial installation stages as well as during future modifications. Sources of noise include: drives (VFD, servo), switching power supplies, and inductive load switching components. Solutions to reduce the effects of EMI noise in a system include:

Panduit Noise Mitigation

Bonding/Grounding for Electrical Systems – Create low impedance noise return path for all components within the space with braided bonding straps and bonding hardware, while also enabling robust electrical safety bonds

Segregation and Shielding of Electrical and Communication Cabling – Create physical barriers by placing high EMI emitting components on one side of the panel, and using shielding products such as Panel Max™ Shielded Duct, Noise Shield, and Shielded Patch Cords

Avoidance through Robust Design Practices – Install separate pathways to route electrical and communications systems; consider copper based cabling and connectivity as an alternative to UTP and fiber based cabling and connectivity for uplinks leading from the control panel

For more information on Panduit’s solution for noise mitigation in factory automation systems, request White Paper WW-CPWP-14 through customer service (email cs@panduit.com; phone 800-777-3300) or view on the website (http://www.panduit.com/ia-epn)

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