Don't Settle for Commercial-Grade Components


Graybar understands that industrial Ethernet is the backbone for information flow. So why settle for commercial-grade components that cannot withstand temperature extremes, humidity, machine vibration and corrosive gases?

Ruggedize Your Critical Applications

Ruggedized industrial Ethernet products are designed specifically to network in tough environments, support the industrial protocols transmitted across these networks, and accommodate the environmental rigors of the location.

Make Sure it Doesn't Break

Did you know that up to 70 percent of networking errors happen at the first three layers on the OSI model: physical, data link and network. Let Graybar help you select the solutions designed to minimize downtime.

We Have Fiber Too!

Graybar can assist with industrial-grade fiber for networking your plant for or connection to your office ERP. These plug and play solutions will help make building out your network fast and easy. These solutions are designed to be installed and up and running in hours rather than days, with no special tools, equipment or training necessary.

Featured Solution

Phoenix Contact offers rugged, industrially rated security devices that provides stateful firewall, routing functionality, NAT'ing and VPN for secure remote connection to industrial applications. Anyone looking to secure their plant network and remote support for critical infrastructure can utilize the FL mGuard from Phoenix Contact.

PDF Icon Small Ethernet/IP Overview

Ethernet/IP is an industrial application layer protocol for industrial automation applications. Personal computers, printers, and other peripheral equipment with Ethernet-ready Network Interface Cards have moved into the industrial arena.

PDF Icon Small Optimizing Ethernet Networks

The performance level of Automation and Control applications on Ethernet is such that inefficiencies due to errors, congestion, collisions and extraneous traffic must be avoided.

PDF Icon Small Introduction to the Micro Data Center

The industrial network is the fundamental backbone for data collection and transmission to points of use. Industrial network applications range from the ability to trace quality of production lots, improve preventive maintenance schedules, manage and monitor processes, improve safety, and identify constraints to increase productivity.

PDF Icon Small Network Infrastructure for EtherNet/IP™

Network Infrastructure for EtherNet/IP™ provides an introduction to the network infrastructure used in EtherNet/IP networks and gives users a framework for identifying the considerations that are most critical to their specific applications. It represents the combined knowledge of experts from companies that are leading the industry in the application of Ethernet on the factory floor.

PDF Icon Small Pre-Configured Micro Data Center for Industrial Network Deployment

Technical information, key features and benefits of Panduit's pre-configured micro data center products.

Video icon Fiber Optic Converters – Phoenix Contact

A complete line of fiber optic converters from Phoenix Contact. Available in common wavelengths for use in many fiber types from plastic to single-mode glass. Distances range from a few feet to more than 20 miles.

PDF Icon Small LANscape® Industrial Solutions Catalog

The new global industrial revolution is causing manufacturers to rethink their plant operations and network capabilities, including their requirements for future-proof control systems and automation needs. Corning Cable Systems leads the way with rugged, reliable and innovative fiber optic cabling solutions, with unparalleled quality and performance, to meet the specific needs of industrial organizations.

PDF Icon Small Augmented Security in the Production Network of ZF Sachs

ZF Sachs has permanently improved the security of its industrial networks. The starting point: decentralized security architecture with industrial firewalls.

PDF Icon Small Industrial Ethernet Connections

The advantages of using Industrial Ethernet are high data rates (up to 100,000 Kbps vs. typical device-level network data rates of 500 Kbps), the capability to connect hundreds to thousands of control devices and freedom in wiring layout.

PDF Icon Small Cable into the Future: Industrial Ethernet with 10 Gbps

Today's machines and plants generally communicate using Ethernet with 100 megabits per second (Mbps). However, many applications, such as cameras for quality inspection, servers to document quality data and scanners that identify components, demand higher data rates.

PDF Icon Small Ethernet for Machines and Robots White Paper

Ethernet is the network of choice for many machine and robot builder OEMs and its use will continue to grow as prices decrease, performance increases, and features are added. For most OEMs, it makes sense to evaluate Ethernet as a solution to network needs.

PDF Icon Small The Use of Surge Protection Devices in IEEE 802.3at (PoE+) Applications

Overview of the 802.3at standard and review potential new applications for 802.3at, including pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) security cameras, advanced feature IP phones, WiFi access points, and smart grid monitoring controllers. Explain the use and application of surge protective devices (SPDs) in the protection of PoE+ Ethernet devices in open-air, unshielded environments.

PDF Icon Small Industrial Ethernet End User Guide

Can Commercial Ethernet Hardware and Cables Really Meet the Network Needs of an Industrial Environment? The Answer is "No." Belden is a long-standing leader in industrial Ethernet signal transmissions, offering products and systems that provide 99.999% reliability. The Hirschmann line of Ethernet networking hardware has been proven reliable in even the harshest environments.

PDF Icon Small White Paper: Industrial Ethernet

A robust industrial Ethernet infrastructure consisting of environmentally hardened network cabling, connectivity, and active components is essential to long-term performance and reliability. Invest wisely to preserve, protect and defend the data network infrastructure that supports all of the facility’s mission-critical information, automation and control functions.

PDF Icon Small Selecting cabling and connectors for industrial Ethernet applications

There are several important considerations to take into account when deciding on which type of cables and connectors to use for any specific application. This white paper will help you make the proper selections to meet the needs of your application.

PDF Icon Small The Role Standards Play in Selecting Industrial Ethernet Components

Most automation or control engineers who are required to design systems that accurately manufacture their company's product, must also understand the standards to which their designs must comply.

PDF Icon Small Water/Wastewater Case Study

Dekalb County water treatment facility uses copper-to-fiber-optic media converters in new operation. Media converters converted RS-232, Profibus and DeviceNet protocols into fiber optics. Dekalb County is planning a system expansion in the future.

Video icon Controller Ethernet highlights from the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) – Phoenix Contact

This video from the 2011 Offshore Technology Conference shows Phoenix Contact's scalable control platform. Products range from small, modular PLCs, like the ILC100 series, to high-end industrial PC-based control systems like the Valueline industrial PC platform.

Video icon Industrial data connectors for Cat 6A – Phoenix Contact

RJ45 and M12 connectors with IP67 protection provide industrial Ethernet connection in the field. They perform to 10 Gigabits per second. Save time with fast wiring termination using Quickon IDC contacts and Piercecon axial contacts.

Video icon SF Unmanaged Ethernet Switch – Phoenix Contact

The Standard Function (SF) 10/100 Ethernet switches provide redundant power input and floating alarm contact in 8 to 16 ports with fiber options. The switches' flat form factor is well-suited for limited space in a control cabinet.

Video icon Managed Industrial Ethernet Switches – Phoenix Contact

Managed Ethernet switches feature high-end functionalities in redundancy, multicast, VLAN, port mirroring, SNMP, DHCP, and port security. Available in modular (2-24 ports), or fixed (16 port) configurations with many fiber varieties and support for Power over Ethernet (PoE).

PDF Icon Small Is Your Ethernet Cable Tough Enough?

Ethernet has reigned in the commercial office environment for several years. Control and automation is progressing towards this open, standards-based technology.

PDF Icon Small Auto manufacturer puts a fresh coat of paint on new vehicles with help of Phoenix Contact

A U.S. automotive manufacturer wanted to automate the air houses and exhaust fans in the paint shop of a legacy factory, but the size and complexity of the facility made hard-wiring a logistical nightmare. Phoenix Contact Bluetooth® Access Point radios acted as the heart of a complete, integrated system that offered the reliability, flexibility and speed the facility needed.

PDF Icon Small Wireless Industrial White Paper

Industrial-strength Ethernet, bolstered by its wireless component, is giving facilities the tools they need to operate lean and mean and succeed in an uncertain economy.

PDF Icon Small Cellular Communications for SCADA Applications

In the world of cellular communications, two network options, voice and data, are available. Each has different capabilities for SCADA applications. In this article, we will focus on the Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) network for voice communications and General Packet Radio Service/Enhanced Data Rates for GSM Evolution (GPRS/EDGE) for data communications, but the same principles exist for other cellular technology segments.

PDF Icon Small How to Choose Wireless Technology for Industrial Applications

Wireless technologies are rapidly being adopted for simple monitoring and control to supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA). Wireless provides highly reliable data communications in harsh and interference-heavy environments. Compared to cable, wireless can increase flexibility, ease installation and lower costs.

PDF Icon Small EtherNet/IP™ When to Go Wireless

This paper will explore the EtherNet/IP protocol from a technical standpoint, and then apply this to particular system considerations for a wireless network.

PDF Icon Small Getting the Most Out of Your WirelessHART® System

WirelessHART is part of HART7, the newest revision of the HART standard. This new technology provides an easy and secure means of accessing this data, without the hassle of running wire and cable. A WirelessHART gateway with WLAN connection can provide a secure wireless backhaul connection, increasing the system's flexibility even more.

PDF Icon Small Wireless Keeps Irrigation System Flowing

Energy Systems Engineering used Phoenix Contact TWE radios and PLCs as part of an extensive SCADA system upgrade. The new system improved the water distribution control from both a logic standpoint and design standpoint, and Energy Systems anticipates much less maintenance.

PDF Icon Small Industrial Wireless Technology

Because there are numerous types of wireless technology, the user needs to understand the advantages and limitations of the various technologies. With a better understanding of these differences, an industrial user can realize the full benefits of wireless while avoiding problems resulting from its misapplication.

PDF Icon Small Keeping the greens green: Wireless technology links irrigation/fertilization system at golf course

A golf course located in the desert needed a more reliable automated irrigation/fertilization system to keep the course in top condition. By installing Phoenix Contact RAD-ISM-900-EN... radios, Cloudburst Engineering improved the reliability of the water and fertilizing pumps without interrupting golfers during rounds of play. The new system reduced maintenance costs and improved course conditions.

PDF Icon Small Robotics integrator uses Bluetooth technology to save wiring time

Phoenix Contact helped Motion Controls Robotics find a wireless I/O solution, which saved installation time and eliminated the downtime that broken cables would cause.

PDF Icon Small Selecting the Right Antenna

Antenna selection can be one of the most confusing parts of designing a wireless system. This paper provides guidelines for antenna selection. It will explore antenna theory and recommend practical rules of thumb to use when recommending and installing antennas.

PDF Icon Small Going for the gold: Phoenix Contact wireless helps gold mine reduce energy and labor costs

The Golden Sunlight gold mine in Whitehall, Montana, has a series of wells that control the aquifer level. Monitoring these wells was expensive and time-consuming. The mine designed a new monitoring system that incorporated a variable frequency drive (VFD), level transducer and Phoenix Contact Trusted Wireless data radios. This system makes it easy to maintain a constant level in the wells, while also reducing energy and labor costs.

PDF Icon Small Wireless Communication for Tank Farm Applications

BP validates Phoenix Contact Trusted Wireless technology for reliable data transmission in high EMI environments. Data radios with I/O provide easy-to-wire-and-install wireless system for access to remote I/O site without additional remote PLCs. Return on Investment (ROI) was over $75,000.

PDF Icon Small Phoenix Contact industrial wireless Ethernet technology creates reliable communication in Lucas Oil Stadium

Uni-Systems, a company specializing in moveable architecture solutions, needed clear communication to and from cameras and the control center on a retractable roof and a kinetic window wall with six moving wall panels in Lucas Oil Stadium. Several Phoenix Contact industrial wireless Ethernet radios were installed in multiple locations within the facility to create reliable, accurate communication.

PDF Icon Small Best of both worlds: City uses hybrid wireless technology system to automate remote pump system

The city of Glens Falls, N.Y., wanted an automated SCADA system that would automatically monitor level, flow and pump status from remote pump stations. Phoenix Contact, in partnership with Siemens Building Tech, designed a complete system solution, which significantly reduced the costs of on-site engineering and provided the reliable communication the city needed.

PDF Icon Small Exploring New Wireless Technologies for Industrial Applications

This paper will focus on the industrial use of public standard IEEE 802.11 technology while providing a broad comparison of different spread spectrum wireless technologies currently deployed in industrial automation applications.

PDF Icon Small Wireless Technologies for Hydroelectric Facilities

More power generation and T&D companies are embracing wireless communications because of obvious advantages in cost, time and labor savings. There is no one-size-fits-all wireless technology. This paper will cover the general information needed to understand the differences in wireless systems.

PDF Icon Small Water/wastewater Authority Hangs Up on Leased Lines

San Antonio Water System (SAWS) calculated a two-year payback in lease costs with the purchase of the wireless technology versus using leased lines for the steam plant communication.

Video icon City uses hybrid wireless system to automate remote pumps – Phoenix Contact

The City of Glens Falls, New York, needed to automate communication from several remote reservoirs, lift stations and the city's water/wastewater control center. Phoenix Contact provided a wireless hybrid solution with a reliable VPN interface link into their SCADA process system.

Video icon Wireless solutions from the Offshore Technology Conference – Phoenix Contact

There are many types of applications in today's on/offshore industry -- and each of these has requirements and obstacles to overcome. Phoenix Contact's wireless application wall at the 2011 Offshore Technology Conference showcases a number of common on/offshore industry applications along with the suitable wireless technology.

Video icon Water authority uses wireless, VPN technology for remote communication – Phoenix Contact

A water authority in Pennsylvania needed to automate communication from remote sites. With help from Phoenix Contact and Control Systems 21, the authority implemented a system that used both wireless and VPN connections. Thanks to faster and more accurate data reporting, the township has reduced labor and costs, and can avoid costly EPA fines.

Video icon Indianapolis Colts Stadium Controlled by Wireless Ethernet – Phoenix Contact

Uni-Systems, a company specializing in moveable architecture solutions, needed clear communication to and from cameras and the control center on a retractable roof and a kinetic window wall in Lucas Oil Stadium, home to the Indianapolis Colts.

PDF Icon Small SCADA Security for Municipal Water Case Study

The mGuard devices combine high-level networking and security functions and the rugged hardware needed on the plant floor, all while playing nicely with existing network infrastructure.

PDF Icon Small [PDF] Panduit Network Infrastructure Security Solution

Technology has rapidly become a critical asset for driving improvements in operational and financial efficiencies. With this reliance on technology comes increased risk. Broader access to networks, files and web sites increases threats posing greater security risks. Security considerations, while paramount, should not become a barrier for service improvements and IT investments.

PDF Icon Small Post-Stuxnet Industrial Security: Zero-Day Discovery and Risk Containment of Industrial Malware

Following its discovery in June 2010, the Stuxnet worm caused a worldwide sensation. It is the first publicly known rootkit attack targeted at industrial plants. It has infected tens of thousands of PCs, and abused and manipulated automation software running on Windows® operating systems.

PDF Icon Small Hacking the industrial network

Is your production line or process management system at risk? A new industrial revolution is taking place on the factory floor as corporations discover the economic benefits of integrating their IT networks with legacy process control and production systems.

PDF Icon Small Protecting Water Industry Control and SCADA Systems from Cyber Attacks

An attack on the control and/or SCADA system used in a water system can significantly alter the system's performance