Industrial Lighting Solutions


High Efficiency Lamps and Ballasts

Since more than 80 percent of lighting in the U.S. dates before 1990, there’s a good chance you could save significant energy costs with lighting upgrades. Graybar can help you easily retrofit your existing fixtures to provide ample light for various tasks, comfort and savings.


LED lights are efficient, long-lasting options to outfit your high maintenance applications. Advantages include instant on, less light loss, no UV/IR emissions, cold temperature operation and environmentally friendly. Ask your Graybar sales representative about our LED solutions.


Upgrading to energy-efficient lighting is only the first step. Increase your energy savings with occupancy sensors and other lighting controls which can be programmed to turn lights off when the area is not in use.

Warehouse & Manufacturing

A number of activities take place in your busy warehouse or manufacturing facility. Whether your facility requires high efficiency fluorescents, high ceiling HIDs or LED pendants, Graybar delivers the right energy-efficient lighting for your needs. At the same time, we can help protect your workers with properly rated fixtures for wet locations and improve productivity by making work environments safe and comfortable.

Outdoor Lighting

New technologies including LED, pulse start metal halide and induction allow you to maximize your energy savings outdoors. Start converting your existing lighting in parking lots to energy-saving options that meet or exceed IES recommended light levels.

Define your outdoor pedestrian walkways with a variety of stylish pathway luminaries that decrease energy consumption. With a multitude of choices Graybar can help you choose the right lighting with improved performance, dependability and low maintenance.

Technical Library

PDF Icon Small 480V to 277V Step-Down Autotransformers

GE ProLine®480V to 277V Step-Down Autotransformers provide a easy, flexible and most importantly a reliable solution for use with electronic energy saving ballasts in 480V Wye and grounded Delta applications.

PDF Icon Small F28T8/XL/SPX/ECO with the GE ULTRAMAX® Ballast

Designed for Instant Start Ballasts with a Minimum Open Circuit Voltage 550 and up to 44 percent reduction in wattage compared to T12 system with nearly the same light output.

PDF Icon Small GE T5HO 47W The Next Generation of T5 Systems

The GE T5HO 47W UltraStart® Watt-Miser® System utilizes GE's best fluorescent technology to offer its most energy-efficient system – producing nearly the same light output of a 54W system.** These energy savings, combined with long life and hassle-free maintenance, make this lamp and ballast system the ideal solution for high-bay or commercial troffer applications.

PDF Icon Small GE Ultrastart Programmed Start Ballasts for T5 Fluorescent Lamps

GE's UltraStart® T5 ballasts use low energy loss, high efficiency components along with continuous cathode cutout (CCC) technology – resulting in 8 fewer watts than standard 4-lamp 54W T5 ballasts. GE's UltraStart® T5 ballasts meet 95 percent efficiency, a 44 percent improvement over standard T5 ballasts and a new industry threshold for high efficiency ballasts.

PDF Icon Small GE Ultrastart Programmed Start Ballasts for T8 Fluorescent Lamps

GE UltraStart® is a new generation of T8 and Programmed Start (PS) ballasts that addresses the growing demand for energy-saving strategies incorporating occupancy sensors and other automated light controls to meet strict energy legislation.

PDF Icon Small GE UltraMax Dimming Instant Start T8 Ballasts Snapshot

UltraMax® Dimming electronic T8 ballasts are high efficiency instant start ballasts that are the highest efficiency dimming ballasts available throughout the dimming range. These ballasts allow various light levels without sacrificing efficiency during dimming while allowing end users to achieve up to 40% additional energy savings.

PDF Icon Small GE UltraMax Dimming Instant Start T8 Ballasts FAQ

Platinum UltraMax® are instant start ballasts and are limited to approximately 5 on/off cycles per day to avoid significantly shortening lamp life. It is not recommended to use sensors on the line input of the ballast and doing so may void lamp warranty.

PDF Icon Small GE UltraMax Dimming Instant Start Ballasts Brochure

Bi-level switching and load shed 0-10VDimming Instant Start Ballasts feature breakthrough technology that offers GE's highest efficiency ballast while providing dimming and switching capability for an additional 40 percent energy savings.

PDF Icon Small Lighting Renovation: The Acuity Brands Solution

Rising energy costs and new lighting technology provided an opportunity to redesign the lighting in the 30 year old Acuity Brands Lighting, Southeast Distribution Center. Lithonia Lighting replaced the existing fluorescent T8 and metal halide fixtures with fluorescent T5 lighting system utilizing occupancy sensors and saw 43 percent reduction in energy usage.

PDF Icon Small GE PulseArc Brochure

Ideal for new installations and facility upgrades, GE PulseArc® lamps feature…excellent lumen maintenance and significant energy savings.

PDF Icon Small GE Protected Metal Halide Lamps

Suitable for use in Open Luminaires and are marked with the /O Luminaire Code as specified in ANSI C78.380, High-intensity Discharge Lamps, Method of Designation.

PDF Icon Small GE F32T8 High Lumen

Are you evaluating your fixture layouts? Replace your 32 Watt T8 lamps with highly energy efficient F32T8 High Lumen Lamps. Extra Long Life; 42,000 hours @ 12 hours/start on PRS ballast, TCLP-Compliant and High Quality Color Rendering; 85 (SPX30); 85 (SPX35); 82 (SPX41); 80 (SPX50).

PDF Icon Small GE Watt-Miser Multi-Vapor Lamps Featuring XHO

Upgrade standard 175-watt and 400-watt metal halide to reduce energy up to $80 per socket.

PDF Icon Small Lighting Upgrade Solutions Guide

To those of you considering a more efficient lighting upgrade, this brochure presents a variety of products and provides tips on how to make your retrofit project a success.

PDF Icon Small Sustainable Solutions for Industrial Applications Cut Sheet

Choosing sustainable lighting solutions for your facility is an excellent way to reduce your energy usage and overall operational costs.

PDF Icon Small Sustainable Solutions for Industrial Applications

Choosing sustainable lighting solutions for your industrial facility is an excellent way to save on operational costs, provide dependable, high-quality light, and demonstrate your company's environmental responsibility.

PDF Icon Small High Intensity Discharge (HID) Ballast Replacement Kits

When you select a Philips Advance HID Ballast Replacement Kit, you can be assured of long ballast life and a no-hassle, one-trip installation.

PDF Icon Small Lighting Upgrades Made Easy White Paper

A recent survey of Chief Financial Officers nationwide by the Energy Cost Savings Council found that the vast majority was either "satisfied" or "very satisfied" with the results of lighting upgrades they had managed or overseen in their facilities — e.g., the upgrades witnessed by the CFOs had overwhelmingly delivered the energy and cost savings promised.

PDF Icon Small Financial Benefits of Lighting Upgrades

A seemingly inconspicuous and often overlooked element within a building's infrastructure, lighting actually accounts for as much as 30-40 percent of a typical commercial building's energy costs and can be a primary source of significant cost savings in today's competitive market.

PDF Icon Small Lighting Upgrades Boost Workplace Productivity White Paper

Design of the work environment has long been known to play a role in influencing employee satisfaction and productivity, and quality lighting is a major element contributing to optimal workplace design. In addition to reducing energy consumption and costs and benefiting the environment, optimal lighting can play a role in boosting workplace ambiance and efficiency.

PDF Icon Small LED Luminaries for Industrial and Hazardous Areas

Cooper Crouse-Hinds offers the broadest portfolio of LED luminaires for any industrial or hazardous application. Additionally, we utilize more than 100 years of lighting expertise to optimize the benefits of LED technology to offer the safest and most reliable LED luminaire in the market.

PDF Icon Small [PDF] PROTEON™ LED High Bay Lighting

Lithonia Lighting has set the new standard in high bay lighting with the PROTEON™ LED luminaire. The LED is 50 percent more efficient than HID solutions, reduces maintenance costs and supports multiple applications.

PDF Icon Small [PDF] Industrial High Bay LED Brochure

Applications, features, electrical ratings, certifications and compliances and design features of Cooper Crouse-Hinds Industrial High Bay LED Luminaires.

PDF Icon Small [PDF] Crouse-Hinds Champ FMV LED Series Floodlight Fixtures

The Champ FMV LED Series Floodlights are designed to provide full-spectrum, crisp, white light. Four versions of the Champ FMV LED are available, providing ideal solutions for a wide range of applications.

PDF Icon Small Cooper Crouse-Hinds New Products and Services

Every new product or initiative must live up to uncompromising standards. Read on to learn more about the forward thinking that most recently met the Cooper Crouse-Hinds challenge.

PDF Icon Small [PDF] Eaton Crouse-Hinds Pro Series Industrial LED Family Brochure

The robust Pro Series LED family from Cooper Crouse-Hinds allows for replacement of existing HID, floodlights, and incandescent industrial fixtures, and provides an energy efficient, proven light source for use in applications where reliability is crucial.

PDF Icon Small [PDF] Crouse-Hinds Champ VMV LED Series Luminaires

The Champ VMV LED luminaire provides the same durability and reliability of a traditional Champ luminaire, coupled with the low cost of ownership and energy efficiency of Cooper Crouse-Hinds LED technology. High-performance LEDs and a solid-state electronic driver provide light where you need it, at a fraction of the operating cost of HID technologies.

PDF Icon Small Vaporgard™ LED Series

The Vaporgard™ LED Series is an ideal direct LED replacement for incandescent bulbs in industrial and hazardous applications. The Vaporgard LED luminaires have 20 times longer life than incandescent lamps, and they reduce energy consumption costs by 85 percent. The Vaporgard LED Series was designed for use across industries, including oil and gas, food processing, manufacturing plants, pharmaceutical and mining applications.

PDF Icon Small Wrapping Up a New Lighting System

Victory Packaging/Golden State Container wanted to upgrade the old HID and fluorescent lighting within the company's warehouse to a system involving more efficient 54W fluorescent T5 HO lamps driven by electronic ballasts to improve light levels and reduce energy consumption and costs. The project involved the installation of nearly 500 54W T5 High Output lamps driven by 246 Philips Advance Centium® Electronic ballasts

PDF Icon Small [PDF] Nordic Cold Storage Reduces Lighting Energy Costs by 53 Percent

Nordic's primary objectives for renovating their lighting were to enhance energy efficiency within their facility, while also significantly improving the quality of light for their employees. Nordic selected Acuity Brands Lighting for the project due to our ability to offer a turnkey solution that resulted in minimal disruption to the 24-hour cold storage operation.

PDF Icon Small Cooper Crouse-Hinds New Products and Services

Every new product or initiative must live up to uncompromising standards. Read on to learn more about the forward thinking that most recently met the Cooper Crouse-Hinds challenge.

PDF Icon Small Lighting Solutions for Harsh Industrial Environments

Cooper Crouse-Hinds Pauluhn is a leading supplier of area and emergency lighting solutions for installation in hazardous locations and corrosive environments. Pauluhn products are specifically designed for petrochemical, mining, food processing, marine, drilling and other high-abuse industrial applications.