Get the Word Out with Federal Signal's Comprehensive Communications System

Effective industrial communication is assured with SelecTone® systems, including all the required equipment and offering long life in harsh conditions.

Federal Signal Command

Federal Signal and Graybar present SelecTone® systems, facility-wide warning systems for a broad spectrum of signaling and communications in industrial applications. Start and dismissal, emergency evacuations, process control signaling, voice messages and public address — cover them all with a SelecTone system.

Choose standard duty, weatherproof, dust- and water-tight, hazardous area and explosion-proof SelecTone models with outputs from 88-114dB, operating voltages including 24VDC, 24VAC, 120VAC, 240VAC and more, and adjustable, integrated volume control from zero to max. Add SelecTone to expand existing PA and communication systems, or add a SelecTone CommCenter to create a complete emergency communication system. There's even an attractive, low-profile SelecTone model for offices.

Federal Signal Connector

Each SelecTone system includes speaker/amplifiers, tone modules, command units and connector kits that pull it all together. SelecTone speaker/amplifiers offer a broad range of self-amplified speakers designed to broadcast pre-recorded tones, voice messages, melodies and live public address in plant-wide communication systems. Communication signals are amplified by each unit, not by costly central amplifiers, so you'll save on running audio lines in conduit throughout the facility. Federal Signal's Universal Tone Module offers 32 distinct tones for use in plant-wide communication systems, and the TM33 Custom Tone Module lets you select from a library of thousands of messages and melodies, or create your own in any language.

SelecTone Command Units offer central control of tones and PA, with local and remote microphone access and tone initiation. Auxiliary audio input supports background music, and an onboard amp supports a local speaker. The units also support handheld or desktop noise-cancelling microphones.

Federal Signal SelecTone Speakers

Clear, concise, pre-programmed instructions can be broadcast over a SelecTone or PA system. In addition, audible devices can be incorporated into manufacturing areas to indicate process/machine status. Use pre-recorded messages to convey this information without interrupting production flow in neighboring areas, while distinct voice messages alert everyone to emergency situations. SelecTone solutions can also be easily integrated with Federal Signal's outdoor notification systems.

There's simply not a better, more comprehensive industrial communication system than SelecTone by Federal Signal.

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Federal Signal Facility-Wide Warning PA chart