Building and Plant MRO


Graybar can help keep your facility running with maintenance and repair solutions. Our solutions provide the quality and reliability you need for reliable installations that minimize rework and downtime. Graybar's MRO solutions include:

  • Tools, hardware, fasteners, industrial supplies
  • Troubleshooting equipment (Test & Measurement)
  • Spare electrical components – fuses, switches, sensors, etc.

Technical Library

PDF Icon Small [PDF] Panduit Industrial MRO Linecard

Panduit MRO Solutions deliver best-in-class quality for maximum reliability and defect-free installations that minimize rework and downtime. Superior product development and testing ensure Panduit products meet and exceed industry standards, enabling customers to achieve compliance with ever-changing regulations.

PDF Icon Small [PDF] Corrosion and Harsh Environment Protection

Corrosion is a natural, inevitable process. It cannot be eliminated, but it can be managed and controlled. The FHWA study estimates that the implementation of optimum corrosion management practices could save as much as 25–30 percent of annual cost of corrosion in the U.S.

PDF Icon Small DrillerToggle White Paper

The new DrillerToggle from L. H. Dottie allows the user to have the holding power of a Toggle Bolt with the ease of installation of a WallDriller.

Video icon Driller Toggle Wall Driller Video

Heavy-duty screw-in anchor is easy – Screws directly into drywall. It's fast – No pre-drilling. It's strong – toggle grips behind wall for superior holding power.

PDF Icon Small TripleGrip White Paper

The new TripleGrip from Dottie is one of the most technologically advanced anchor on the market.

Video icon Walldog & Triple Grip Video

Wall Dog installs in wallboard, plywood, concrete, hollow or grout filled block, brick and plaster.

PDF Icon Small Wall-Dog White Paper

The Wall-Dog is an all-steel, one piece, threaded fastener, which is used to fasten various fixtures directly to drywall.

PDF Icon Small Dottie Zip Ties Solution

This application guide is intended to describe the mechanical properties most often considered in the design and intended performance of cable ties and their fixing devices.

PDF Icon Small [PDF] Thomas & Betts Liquid Ingress Protection Catalog

If your electrical components are buried underground, operate in wet conditions or continuously exposed to the elements, liquid ingress protection is a critical element in keeping your electrical systems operational. Thomas & Betts offers not only solutions for protecting your electrical system, but a complete catalog of components specifically designed to prevent liquid ingress at every level.

Video icon TipBits Video

Replaceable-Tip Step drill bits feature a patent pending, cooler running, low torque tri-point construction.

Video icon Rod Hanging System Video

The Dottie Rod Hanging System is a one-piece, all steel threaded fastening system for suspending steel threaded rod vertically overhead in pipe hanging, fire protection, electrical conduit and cable-tray applications. It can be installed in a variety of base materials including steel bar joists and beams, wood frame columns and beams, as well as concrete ceilings, beams and columns.

Video icon Hydraulic Punch Kit Video

Features fully articulating head – 360 degree capability.

Video icon Anchors & Pipespikes Video

Dottie's got the anchor you need to get the job done. Plastic Anchors: tapered with wings or collar, straight, nylon button head with pins. Metal Anchors: Zamac anchors, drive pins, Molly bolts. Pipespikes: one piece design, vibration resistant, approved for overhead.

Video icon 13-1 Ratcheting Screwdriver Video

Convenient storage for a wide range of bits. 1/4" Hex Driver Shaft is great for driving 1/4" hex head screws. Features patent pending ZAD 8 Zinc Alloy SOLID-CORE ratchet that delivers over 225 lbs. of torque strength. Precision 28 tooth ratchet design makes driving fasteners faster and easier.

Video icon Merchandisers & Displays Video

Eye catching Merchandisers are the hallmark of the L.H. Dottie effort to bring the strength of brand awareness and shop-ability for core products to the distributor counter area. Logical extensions of this powerful concept create the flexibility required to display our broad product line and the ability to generate impulse sales.

Video icon Fasteners & Hardware Video

Check out Dottie's wide range of fasteners and hardware: Screw Styles: Mach

PDF Icon Small Manufacturing Process Brochure

Fluke makes rugged, reliable, quality tools manufacturing and automation professionals can count on in any environment regardless of how harsh or fast-paced. We know that keeping the system up and running is critical to the quality of the output, and that one failure can trigger others and result in a significant loss of time and money.

PDF Icon Small Fluke 424D 419D and 414D Laser Distance Meters

Fluke's family of laser distance meters will save electricians time and money seven different ways. Fast, accurate and packed with powerful math functions.

PDF Icon Small Fluke 424D 419D and 414D Laser Distance Meters Technical Data

These meters are fast, accurate, durable, and easy to use—just point and shoot. Their simple design and easy one-button operation means you spend less time measuring while increasing the reliability of the answers that you need.

PDF Icon Small Fluke 62 MAX Brochure

Designed with your on-the-job needs in mind, the new Fluke 62 MAX and 62 MAX+ infrared thermometers are everything you'd expect from the experts in measurement tools: small in size, extremely accurate and very easy to use. IP54 rated for dust and water resistance.

PDF Icon Small Fluke 320 Series Tru-rms Clamp Meters Brochure

When buying a clamp meter, choose a clamp that gives accurate and repeatable results, make sure the clamp meter works where you do, don't compromise on safety and when choosing features, pick quality over quantity.

PDF Icon Small Fluke 320 Series Tru-rms Clamp Meters Technical Data

The Fluke 323, 324 and 325 Clamp Meters are designed to perform in the toughest environments and provide noise-free, reliable results users can trust to confidently diagnose problems.

PDF Icon Small Fluke Clamp Meters Selection Guide

Determine which Fluke clamp meter is best suited to the environment the meter will be used in.

Video icon Fluke CNX 3000

Take readings quicker. Solve problems faster. Fluke CNX wireless test tools work together to help you troubleshoot faster.

PDF Icon Small The Low-Peak Upgrade Program

Find out how much you can reduce inventory and increase savings. Send us your current fuse inventory and use data – we'll analyze it and provide you a recommended fuse consolidation Low-Peak Upgrade – along with a savings summary.

PDF Icon Small Cooper Bussman Fuses for Use in Classified Hazardous Locations

The characteristics of various atmospheric mixtures of hazardous gases, vapors and dusts depend on the specific hazardous material involved. Therefore, it is necessary that equipment be identified not only for the class of location but also for the specific gas, vapor or dust that will be present (500.5).

PDF Icon Small High Speed Fuse Application Guide

This Guide's objective is to provide engineers easy access to Cooper Bussmann data for high speed fuses. It also provides detailed information on the Cooper Bussmann high speed fuse reference system. The various physical standards are covered with examples of applications along the considerations to cover in selecting rated voltage, rated current and similar main data for protecting power semiconductors.

PDF Icon Small Preventative Maintenance and Reliability of Low Voltage Overcurrent Protective Devices

This paper will explore guides for electrical equipment and low voltage overcurrent protective device maintenance and testing, analysis of various electrical equipment installations and the maintenance program for low voltage overcurrent protective devices practiced, failure statistics for low voltage overcurrent protective devices, the reliability and integrity of low voltage overcurrent protective devices and arc flash hazards with respect to preventative maintenance of low voltage overcurrent protective devices.

PDF Icon Small System Reliability with Regards to Selective Coordination

Electrical distribution system components, such as the overcurrent protective devices, play a vital role in system reliability performance. This topic is analyzed in the IEEE Std. 493-1997 (Gold Book) "IEEE Recommended Practice for the Design of Reliable Industrial and Commercial Power Systems".

PDF Icon Small Continuous Operation and Sustainability

From motor lead disconnects and compression connectors to industrial UPS systems to support the continuous operation of your most critical electrical equipment, Thomas & Betts provides the electrical systems and components you need to ensure reliable operation and minimal downtime.