Graybar U.S. Communities Program

US Communities

Graybar has been a long-term participant with U.S. Communities, a non-profit organization serving the interests of government procurement. U.S. Communities helps facilitate state, local government and education agencies make purchases from existing bid awards through the use cooperative purchasing laws. We have a 15 year history as the awarded supplier for electrical & communication products from County of Los Angeles and U.S. Communities. Graybar has over 13,000 current customers throughout the United States utilizing the program and our contract participants invest less time and money in the procurement process, leveraging the work of other schools, cities, counties and state agencies nationwide. U.S. Communities and Graybar offer this contract pricing to agencies that register to participate through the U.S. Communities website.

Graybar provides electrical and telecommunications products through the U.S. Communities contract to:

  • State Agencies
  • Counties, Boroughs and Parishes
  • Cities, Municipalities, Villages and Townships
  • Dependent and Independent Special Districts (such as water departments)
  • Public and Private Schools, including K-12, Community Colleges and Universities
  • Non-Profit and Charitable Institutions

The Graybar / U.S. Communities Program Benefits:

Eliminate Timely & Costly Bid Process

The Graybar-U.S. Communities contract was formed specifically to meet the “Joint Powers Authority” for “Cooperative Purchasing” programs via a competitively solicited bid by a lead purchasing agency, Los Angeles County, CA. In nearly every state, this language satisfies the competitive solicitation requirement.

Leading Association Sponsorship

The U.S. Communities Program is sponsored and recognized by the National Association of Counties (NACo), the National League of Cities (NLC), the U.S. Conference of Mayors (USCM) and the Association of School Business Officials International (ASBO).

No Cost to Participate

There is no cost to participate in the U.S. Communities program. All you have to do is register online at Registration does not obligate you to purchase through the program, but it does introduce you to a wide range of products at outstanding prices.

Graybar also represents several thousand leading manufacturers of electrical, communications, data networking and security products. The scope of products available through the Graybar U.S. Communities Program is extensive and is designed to meet nearly every material requirement of your organization. Graybar offers comprehensive product and service solutions to help maximize your facilities’ efficiency and save you money.

For information on Graybar’s U.S. Communities Program, call us at 1-800-GRAYBAR or email us at For information on U.S. Communities visit