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Graybar has been a long-term participant with U.S. Communities, a non-profit organization serving the interests of government procurement. U.S. Communities helps facilitate state, local government and education agencies make purchases from existing bid awards through the use cooperative purchasing laws. There is no cost to participate in the U.S. Communities program. All you have to do is register online at For information on Graybar’s U.S. Communities Program, call us at 1-800-GRAYBAR or email us at The Graybar pricing hierarchies are 30015125 and 30000238.

Graybar Electrical Contract

Lead Agency:

County of Los Angeles, California

Contract Number:


3 year initial term, April 1, 2013 to March 31, 2016

Contract has been extended through March 31, 2018

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MA-IS-1340234 Amendment #2

MA-IS-1340234 Extension #1 / Amendment #

MA-IS-1340234 Amendment #4

MA-IS-1340234 Amendment #6

13255001 RFP Documents


Graybar Telecommunications Contract

Lead Agency:

County of Los Angeles, California

Contract Number:


3 year initial term, January 1, 2015 – December 31, 2017
Option to renew for (2) additional (1) year periods

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MA-IS-1540125 Amendment #1

MA-IS-1540125-3 Amendment #2

MA-IS-1540125 Amendment #3

15255000 RFP Documents


About the Program

Graybar values our long standing strategic relationship with U.S. Communities and our company is continuing to bring value added solutions to their membership base as the awarded supplier of electrical, lighting, communications, data networking and security products through the U.S. Communities program, a nonprofit national purchasing cooperative developed by governmental agencies. Utilizing the pooled power of public agencies nationwide, the program lowers purchasing costs, while providing the quality of service and expertise for which Graybar is known.

Graybar provides electrical and telecommunications products through the U.S. Communities contract to:

  • • State Agencies
  • • Counties, Boroughs and Parishes
  • • Cities, Municipalities, Villages and Townships
  • • Dependent and Independent Special Districts (such as water departments)
  • • Public and Private Schools, including K-12, Community Colleges and Universities
  • • Non-Profit and Charitable Institutions

About Graybar

Today procurement professionals face the challenge of improving operational efficiencies and procuring more materials – all within compressed time frames and limited resources. With a broad spectrum of electrical, lamps, lighting, power and safety products from industry leaders, we stock a comprehensive product offering for your power distribution and control, lighting, building management, facility maintenance and protection needs.

Through the contract awarded by lead public agency County of Los Angeles, Graybar also offers services that include, but are not limited to: inventory control, technical support, eBusiness, contract compliance, emergency preparedness, engineering assistance, systems analysis, product replacement, system retrofits or upgrades, installation and integrated services. These services will help participating agencies power and network their facilities with speed, intelligence and efficiency. Services will be provided through established relationships with existing Graybar suppliers, contractors, integrators or agency preferred companies.

At Graybar, our goal is simple. We listen to what you need, we connect you to the right product or service and then we deliver on our word. It’s how Graybar works to your advantage.