Fast, Versatile Fitting Takes up Less Space, Installs Faster

Extreme Angle Connections Are Easier with this Industry-First Cable Fitting


Terminating jacketed metal-clad and teck cable can be a time-consuming process, especially when angle adjustments are required. And traditional termination methods such as 90˚ elbows and LB conduit bodies can take up too much space and lack flexibility. Is there a reliable and versatile fitting that solves these dilemmas? Yes – the STAR TECK EXTREME® DIRECTOR™ from Thomas & Betts and Graybar.

STAR TECK EXTREME DIRECTOR cable fittings are the industry’s first truly adjustable, range-taking fittings, featuring an exclusive swashplate design that makes it easy to adjust from 90˚ to 180˚, allowing faster, more cost-efficient installation. They cover a wider range of applications and accept a wider range of jacketed metal-clad and teck cable diameters, from 1⁄2 in. and 3⁄4 in. NPT hub sizes. STAR TECK EXTREME DIRECTOR cable fittings reduce the number of components required when making angle adjustments, so you'll save time and need less inventory on-site. They take up less space than 90˚ elbows or LB conduit bodies. No disassembly is required prior to installation and fittings can be easily disconnected.

Your Graybar representative can tell you more about STAR TECK EXTREME DIRECTOR cable fittings.

Features at a Glance

  • Easy-to-see blue compression nut for adjusting hub position
  • Removable armor stop makes fitting range taking
  • Elastomeric collar ring and cone-shaped bushing for a liquid-tight seal and insulation grip
  • Stainless steel grounding ring with a 360°, long-term, dependable grounding
  • Non-corrosive aluminum body and low-profile gland nut for tight spaces; can be installed with a screwdriver or wrench, serves as a cable-stripping gauge
  • Perimeter teethed for superior electrical bonding
  • Built-in sealing gasket for 360° seal, even with rough enclosure surface
  • Full circular bore provides easy cable insertion
  • Alignment guides ensure fittings are installed at the same angle
  • NEMA Type 4, meets NEC Class I Division 2 / Zone 2 and Class II Division 2 / Zone 2 when installed per articles 501.10/505.15 and 502.10/506.15