Joslyn® Surge Protection Devices

Thomas & Betts Joslyn SPD

Joslyn® Surge Protection Devices protect against electrical power surges, transients and noise from the service entrance to the equipment level. Electrical power surges can originate within utilities or equipment, as well as from lightning, which is attracted by the large steel vessels typically found at water and wastewater treatment facilities.

Joslyn SPDs are:

  • Suitable for protecting single-, split- and three-phase applications ranging from 120V to 600V Delta.
  • Safely handle high-surge energy to 400kA per phase.

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Delivering Value for Water and Wastewater Treatment Facilities

Renovating and reinvigorating the nation's water and wastewater treatment facilities is a challenge that demands a high level of commitment from all involved — from government officials to operations management and engineers, to participating contractors and suppliers of products and services.

Thomas & Betts and Graybar are committed to helping to renovate and reinvigorate the nation's water and wastewater treatment facilities. Our value-added products and services deliver:

T&B Engineered Solutions offer dependable performance when exposed to stressful conditions such as constant moisture, harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures, high-pressure washdown, UV penetration, hazardous areas, high-torque equipment and continuous operation.

Tested reliability for use in highly corrosive environments with proven results in thousands of installations.

Expert support from technical experts who are available at every stage of a project, from planning and site preparation through construction and MRO.

Training and certification on specific products plus relationships with all accredited electrical industry associations.

Product availability through Graybar's extensive distribution network.