EZ-Path® Fire Rated Series 44+ Pathway

Graybar and Specified Technologies present a better way to install firestopping and save time and money, too: the new EZ-Path® Fire Rated Series 44+ Pathway. The EZ-Path System makes firestopping a one-time event, unlike traditional firestopping methods that take time, cost money and disrupt productivity every time a cable change is needed.

STI EZ-Path Fire Rated Pathway

Instead, switch to the EZ-Path System, which requires no sealant, no putty and no foam pads to remove and replace. With the EZ-Path System, there’s nothing to adjust and nothing to loosen and re-tighten.

The new Series 44+ design lets you organize and manage even more cables, offering 10 percent more cable capacity in the same physical space. Group the Series 44+ Pathways for even more capacity. You’ll also discover greater versatility thanks to a wide range of new accessories – although the Series 44+ is fully compatible with all existing accessories for Series 44 Pathways, including wall plates, mounting plates and grid hardware. In fact, you can use the 44 and 44+ Pathways side-by-side in all ganged applications, including the Modular Floor Grid System.

Start saving time and costs with the only truly automatic firestop system. The EZ-Path Fire Rated Pathway is available in three sizes, Series 22, Series 33 and the new Series 44+.

Features at a Glance

  • Excellent leakage ratings – less than 1 CFM when empty
  • Improved thermal conductivity (T ratings)
  • 100% protected, empty or full
  • Automatically adjusts to cable fill
  • Adapts to virtually any condition

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