OptiMo Ultra High Density Fiber Optic Solutions

Ortronics OptiMo®

Pre-Terminated Fiber Optic Systems Fit Tight Spaces, Offer Top Performance

If space is an issue regarding your fiber optic system, respond with Ultra High Density (UHD) pre-terminated fiber optic solutions from Ortronics, a global leader in products designed for high-performance network infrastructure.

Specially designed to fit space-constrained applications, UHD pre-terminated fiber optic systems offer a remarkable 50 percent increase in usable density, with 144 fibers readily managed in one rack unit. What’s more, each 12-fiber cassette can be easily isolated, resulting in easier moves, adds and changes – especially when you also use round, smaller density SpaceSaver patch cords.

Ask your Graybar representative how you can save space and gain important advantages with Ortronics’ Ultra High Density preterminated fiber optic solutions.

Ortronics OptiMo

Features at a Glance

  • Front-loading, drawer-style design maximizes port density and provides convenient cable access
  • Slimline cassette provides the highest port density in the marketplace
  • Fiber port labeling simplifies administration
  • Pre-terminated solutions offer the fastest installation, highest performance and consistent factory quality