HeatSeeker® Infrared Cameras

IDL Heatseeker product shot

Locating a single overloaded circuit in a commercial or industrial facility before it causes a fire can save a half-million dollar claim … locating a failed pump or cooling device before a system hits catastrophic over temperature can save a building or a life … these are just two examples of situations that call for HeatSeeker® Infrared Cameras from IDEAL and Graybar. This complete family of cameras offers the highest quality sensors, displays and software to put the power of the camera in the hands of technical experts in electrical, mechanical or process applications.

Drop-proof, splash-proof and sturdy, they are easy to learn how to operate – IDEAL provides certified training – and provides professional-looking reports automatically. For inspecting electrical or mechanical devices, a building's envelope or industrial processes where temperature can indicate early signs of failure or damage, rely on the IDEAL HeatSeeker Infrared Camera. Ask your Graybar representative for more information.

Features at a Glance

  • Simultaneous visible and infrared images can be instantly analyzed
  • Software allows for in-depth analysis, storage and images that can be pasted into email or any word-processing application
  • High and low alarms, triggers, automatic heat-seeking cursors, picture-in-picture and the new Burn-Through feature all speed the process of locating and documenting temperature exceptions
  • Safely scan active switchgear, motors and drives or manufacturing processes from a safe distance
IDL Heatseeker Application shot

With HeatSeeker, you can avoid these costly, time-consuming and potentially hazardous problems:

Electrical Safety: Identifies overloaded circuits, loose/corroded connections and failing breakers in electrical panels; blown fuses, overloads, phase imbalance and harmonics problems; hot spots from high resistance connections.
Energy Efficiency: Identifies inefficient heating and cooling transfer, draft sources from missing insulation in rafters, walls and floors.
Building Maintenance: Finds sources of moisture in roofs and behind walls; checks air distribution for pipe blockages, damaged ductwork and insulation gaps; checks fluid distribution for stuck valves, burst pipes.
Preventive Maintenance: Identifies equipment efficiencies/inefficiencies in motors, pumps, boilers, radiators, heaters, chillers and transformers.