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Hoffman Excelerate modified


Hoffman's Excelerate program features three ways to get the broadest range of enclosure solutions on your terms and at the speed you need to make every project a success.

  • STANDARD ENCLOSURES – Order an enclosure from more than 12,000 UL, NEMA, CSA, IEC, Telcordia, and NEBS compliant standard products immediately available through Graybar or Hoffman's warehouse locations.
  • DESIGN YOUR STANDARD – Modify a standard enclosure to satisfy unique project requirements and aggressive timelines. Find out more!
  • ENGINEERED SOLUTIONS – Customize a solution to meet more complex project needs.

Excelerate provides significantly shorter lead times and reduces costs by offering a turnkey solution that eliminates handling and procedures to complete your modifications for better results. Contact your Graybar representative for all the details.

Hoffman Excelerate Fresh Air Cooling
Hoffman Excelerate Accessories
Hoffman Excelerate Component Mounting
Hoffman Excelerate Disconnect
Hoffman Excelerate Standard Enclosure

Features at a Glance

  • Component Mounting – Specify any number of component mounting features on enclosure or sub-panel surface
  • Windows – Add a standard polycarbonate window kit available in a variety of styles and sizes in your specified location on the enclosure
  • Door Hardware – Reposition, add or remove standard door hardware
  • Enclosure Mounting – Reposition, remove or replace standard mounting provisions as you specify
  • Fresh-Air Cooling – Add fresh-air cooling features on your specified enclosure surfaces
  • Disconnect – Change the disconnect provisions to meet your specific requirements
  • Holes and Cutouts – Specify any number of through holes and cutouts on any surface within the available enclosure body, enclosure door, and sub-panel
  • Sub-Panels – Specify painted or stainless steel, conductive material, size and position to fit your internal surface requirements, mount on industry standard studs, standard threaded panel extenders or standard mounting channels
  • Dimensions – Specify dimensional requirements of your standard within minimum/maximum dimensions of the enclosure family selected
  • Finish – Over 60 color options
  • Structure – Add or remove structural enclosure features
  • Accessories – Install or ship loose with your enclosure your choice of standard accessories

Hoffman Excelerate Your Project Brochure

When you need a customized enclosure solution fast, Hoffman® offers the industry's largest selection of standard products that can be quickly modified to fit your project's needs.