Greenlee Nail Eater® Extreme Auger Bits

Greenlee Nail Eater® Extreme Auger Bits Last Up to 3X Longer*

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New and improved Nail Eater® Extreme has even more cutting power and better performance than ever, enabling end-users to cut through up to 3 times more nails*.

The new robust cutting edge is hardened for additional strength so it cuts more nails to give you even more power behind the cut. A ground shaft design enables the Nail Eater to drill cleaner holes to prevent any potential damage to wire when you';re feeding the Extreme wire back through the hold. The Nail Eater Extreme is also made from high quality carbon alloy steel designed with relief immediately behind the cutting edge to make it even easier to pull back after drilling the hole.

Single flute design means the Nail Eater can be sharpened multiple times and will continue to self-feed extending the life of the bit. The patented self-feeding tip pulls all the way through the wood. This means no more pushing to finish the hole, therefore less operator fatigue and no more blow-out or splintering on the back side of the hold. An over center flute design helps to evacuate wood chips faster to prevent clogging.

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Features at a Glance

  • Patented Self-Feeding Tip pulls through wood even after multiple sharpenings
  • Patented Cutting Edge eliminates splintering and provides longer life
  • Single Flue Design can easily be sharpened multiple times
  • Over Center Flute design evacuates chips faster
  • Ground Shaft enables easy pull back
  • High Quality Steel cuts through 30% more nails*

*Compared to competitive auger bits through independent testing.

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