Fast, Powerful & Versatile: The LS100L Battery-Powered Punch Driver From Greenlee

Greenlee LS100L Battery Powered Punch Driver

11 Tons Of Punching Force

The LS100L packs a serious punch: With an 11-ton capacity, the LS100L can easily punch six-inch conduit sized knockouts in 10-gauge mild steel, and up to four-inch conduit sized knockouts in stainless steel. The LS100L is up to two times faster than any competitive battery- or drill-powered punch driver, for no-fuss, lightning-fast operation.

With the LS100L, you won’t need to manually thread the punch onto and off of the draw stud. So setup and teardown of knockout assemblies is faster too. Combined with Greenlee’s SPEED PUNCH™ knockout system, the LS100L delivers three-times-faster setup and disassembly to standard threaded knockouts.

Features and Benefits

  • Punches up to 6” holes
  • Available in several knockout kits from 1/2” to 4” conduit size
  • Up to 2X faster cycle time than competitive products
  • 360° rotating head punches at any angle
  • Auto-stop technology prevents damage to punch and die
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design makes one-handed operation easy
  • Compact inline tool fits into tight spaces
  • LED light improves visibility, illuminating dark work areas
  • Powerful, long-lasting 18V LI-ION battery—quickly charges in 30 minutes
  • Compatible with all Greenlee knockouts, including SPEED PUNCH, SLUG BUSTER, and SLUG SPLITTER

Versatile, Ergonomic & Easy To Use

With repetitive use, most tools do a number on your hands and wrists. The LS100L eliminates the repetitive pumping motion required by manual hydraulic tools with battery power that drives the hydraulics. Plus, a compact, lightweight design and single-trigger actuation makes one-handed operation a piece of cake. (So save your fist pumping for that next football match.)

Even with all that speed and power, the LS100L weighs less than other punch drivers. Weighing in at just 5.8 pounds, a featherweight in its class, the LS100L was designed with ergonomics and ease of use in mind. With a 360-degree rotating head, the LS100L fits into tight spaces and punches at any angle. So you’ll reduce fatigue, ramp up safety and get the job done.

[PDF] Greenlee LS100L Data Sheet

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