30% Faster Holes, Saves You Time and Money

Greenlee has redesigned and improved its entire line of hole saws to drill faster, stay sharp longer and provide a cleaner and safer cut. The new robust tooth design is made from a higher quality steel that's fully hardened for stronger, more durable saw that's tough enough to cut through the most demanding cutting applications. Additionally, the oxide finish resists rust and chip build-up for easier cutting. There is no paint on the saw that melts while cutting – so there's no paint gum-up or possible smoke when heated.

Top reasons to use Greenlee Hole Saws:

  • They're stronger and last longer than ever
  • They're loaded with the most-wanted features
  • They cut 30% faster than the competitive brands, saving you time and money!
Greenlee 30 percent Faster Holes chart

The exclusive features and accessories from Greenlee add real value to this must have saw, such as a quick change arbor and a removable depth stop that helps make a job go faster, safer and easier.

Greenlee 30 percent Faster Holes product image

Features at a Glance

  • Improved speed and cutting performance
  • New Robust Design - fully hardened tooth for stronger, longer lasting saw
  • Stays sharp longer for a faster, cleaner, safer cut
  • Oxide finish resists rust and chip build up for easier cutting
  • Cooler cutting saw for longer life
  • Saws clearly marked for easy size identification
  • 4-6 variable pitch for smoother cutting
  • Thicker backplate for a more rigid, longer lasting saw
  • Can be used with removable stop (826S) for additional depth control
  • Fast and easy change-overs using the Quick Change Arbor
Greenlee MA5456 Holesaws brochure cover