Greenlee Electric Benders Bend It Right – The First Time

Greenlee and Graybar introduce a new generation of electric benders: the 855GX IntelliBender™ and 555® Series (555CX and 555DX) benders. Both series have been completely re-engineered to increase productivity and offer operators quicker setup and more up-time to get the job done faster, safer and easier. Now with cutting-edge, solid-state controls and a more rugged frame, consistent and accurate bends with EMT, IMC, steel rigid, aluminum rigid, stainless steel rigid and PVC-coated steel rigid are assured.

Greenlee 555 Bender

Unlike competing brands, the Next Gen 555DX and 855GX benders offer greater up-time with patent-pending, solid-state controls that utilize current-limiting technology to eliminate welded relay contact failures, protect the motor and electronics and ensure long life. The 555DX requires only two shoes – not seven – to bend 1/2 in. – 2 in. EMT, IMC and rigid conduit. Its frame is not susceptible to damage that could impact roller support performance and basic pendant designs. The competition simply cannot match the convenience of the 555DX with absolute encoder control to provide angle readout display and jogging for greater bend control and repeatability.

The 855GX is a robust productivity tool with many patent-pending features. It offers a brake bar, quick pivot, lockable storage compartment, adjustable push handle and the capability to bend stainless steel rigid, aluminum rigid and PVC coated steel rigid conduit from 1/2 in. to 2 in.

Greenlee 855 Bender

Its programmability feature eliminates calculation time and graphical feedback on marking locations to get bends right the first time and to do away with scrap. Plus, 855GX saves bends and recalls them later to speed the conduit installation process; and it can sense conduit size and type to avoid bending mistakes and eliminate scrap.

Features at a Glance

  • Patent-pending control system on the 855GX and 555 series uses current-limiting technology to protect the motor and electronics from arcing and relay failure, common to competitors
  • Both series feature a rugged, patent-pending frame designed to ensure more consistent bending performance over the life of the unit
  • The 855GX has a state-of-the-art LCD interface that allows the operator to easily program, save and transfer multiple bends to other GX units via a USB thumb drive
  • The 555 series has two shoes, not seven, reducing the time on the jobsite
  • Next Gen benders are backwards compatible with the shoes you already own
  • The absolute encoder-based controller system on the 555DX always knows the position of the shoe to increase repeatability while reducing wasted material
  • 855GX offers superior portability, stability and on-board storage via fork tubes, hoist bar, large wheels, wheel brake bar, storage box and tray
  • Squeeze adjustment on the 855GX allows for variation in conduit and bender which automatically compensates for springback; the operator simply bends to the desired angle
  • 855GX is designed to avoid scrap and speed bending with the patent-pending auto conduit size and conduit type smart sensors