A Table that Bends to Your Needs

881 Mobile Bending Table

of Moves
% Savings Using MBT*
10 $2,000
15 $3,000
20 $4,000

One of the main problems with bending tables is the time it takes to set up and disassemble the unit. Since the jobsite is constantly evolving, not all bends will need to be performed in the same place. A traditional table must be disassembled, moved and reassembled – wasting time and increasing labor cost.

Less time setting up, more time bending. That's the philosophy behind Greenlee's new 881 Mobile Bending Table, an all-in-one bending solution that saves both time and money.

Time is money. Without having to laboriously tear down and set up for every new bending location, the 881 Mobile Bending Table allows more time to bend – saving over an hour's labor with every move.*

Greenlee 881 Mobile Bending Table

Complete Mobility. The 881 Mobile Bending Table was designed for your needs. With rugged, locking swivel wheels and a thin 36" width, the MBT easily wheels through standard height doors and goes just about anywhere on the construction site.

Storage. Space is a premium. All accessories for the 881 MBT pin to the table for easy and compact storage. The forks fold down and the pump swings in for easy transport from site to site.

Ask your Graybar representative or call 1-800-GRAYBAR for all the details!

Features at a Glance

  • 40-ton Ram bends up to 4" EMT, IMC and rigid conduit
  • Bending is set to waist height for added comfort
  • Pin all components securely to table
  • 36" width fits through standard height doors
  • Rugged locking swivel wheels
  • Convenient fork lift pockets

* Based on cost of two operators ($200/hour) disassembling, moving and resetting a standard bending table. Claims based on list price of MBT ($3699) and similar, standard tables.

Greenlee 881-MBT Mobile Bending Table Brochure

Whether you already own an 881 Bender or are purchasing the bender and table together, the entire unit is rugged, feature-rich and designed to get each job done faster, safer and easier. Just wheel it into position, plug it in and start bending.