CADDY® ROD LOCK Threaded Rod Mounting System

Erico CADDY ROD LOCK Threaded Mounting System image

Consisting of a beam clamp, and anchor screw and a channel nut with an integrated washer, the CADDY® ROD LOCK Threaded Rod Mounting System eliminates many of the steps needed to create trapeze assemblies. Installers simply push threaded rods into CADDY ROD LOCK beam clamps and channel nuts – there’s no need to spin the rods into traditional clamps, or to spin multiple pairs of hex nuts and washers to secure struts.

The CADDY ROD LOCK system works even when threaded rods have minor burrs, saving the time traditionally required to clean and de-burr the rods. Threaded rods install into beam clamps with a simple push, saving up to 60 percent of the time needed to spin the rods into clamps. Integrated channel nuts allow for top and bottom strut installation with minimal adjustment to position threaded rods, and eliminate the extra hardware needed for strut assembly. The anchor screw pushes into place without the need for rotating the threaded rod. In all, CADDY ROD LOCK saves up to 52 percent installation time for trapeze assemblies or for mounting pre-fabricated supports.

The system can also include an accessory SN Series Nut. With a simple "open-twist-close" operation, it positions instantly at any point on the threaded rod without cross-threading. Installers working with long threaded rods, prefab mounting or multi-tier assemblies can prevent uplift and increase the strength of the assembly – in as little as half the time needed for standard nuts.


  • Threaded rods install with a push into beam clamps and channel nuts – no spinning
  • Works with slightly damaged threads and minor burrs on the threaded rod – decreases time needed for cleaning or de-burring
  • Prefabricated assemblies easily lift and lock into place, helping to save time and money
  • Reduces installation time up to 52% based on a trapeze assembly


[PDF] CADDY ROD LOCK Presentation

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