The Hardworking, Heavy Duty Punch Kits: L. H. Dottie 12-Ton Hydraulic Punch Kits

Dottie 12-Ton Hydraulic Punch Kits

Straight Power

With Dottie’s hardworking, heavy-duty 12-Ton Hydraulic Punch Kits, you’ll get the job done better and faster. Dottie’s 12-Ton Hydraulic Punch requires 50 percent less torque to operate compared to competitive tools. The die tool design results in minimal pressure and maximum performance too. Plus, the cushioned pump handle is easier on your mitts. (Your hand modeling career isn’t over quite yet.)

Easy Handling

Using a patented 360-degree fully articulating head, Dottie’s 12-Ton Hydraulic Punch Kits feature a single tool for a wide range of dies. To prevent slugs from binding, Dottie’s unique die sets offer three cutting points. For a perfect fit every time, choose from the 13-piece kit with 1⁄2” to 2-1⁄2” dies or the full 16-piece set with 1⁄2” to 4” dies.

For precise location setting, die cups are laser-etched. Plus, each punch kit includes a full-color manual and a heavy-duty, bulletproof carrying case. L. H. Dottie 12-Ton Hydraulic Punch Kits. Straight power, easy handling.

Features and Benefits

Total Convenience:

  • Only one tool required for all dies to 6”
  • Comes with 2 Tip-Bits® patented replaceable tip step drills
  • Also available in a 3-piece die kit for 3”, 3-1⁄2”, and 4” conduit (5” and 6” die sets available by special order)

Easy Handling and Storage:

  • Compact aluminum pump + articulating 12-ton capacity head with 360° capability
  • Laser-etched markings on dies for precise location
  • 3-point die design—slugs won’t bind, they’ll simply fall out
  • Die tool design results in minimal pressure
  • Cushioned pump handle
  • Laser-etched marking on articulating head assembly for easy storage

Straight Power:

  • Dies require 50% less torque than competitive options
  • Ultra-heavy-duty carrying cases
  • Dies rated for 10ga stainless steel
  • 2” die requires Just 30#s of force vs. competitor’s 60# to 80#s
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[PDF] L.H. Dottie 12-Ton Hydraulic Punch Kits Brochure
[PDF] L. H. Dottie Hydraulic Punch Kit Punch Chart

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