L. H. Dottie Checkpoint™ Professional Levels

Make It Level – and Reduce Time and Costs – Right from the Start

Graybar and L. H. Dottie want to level with you about maximizing time, productivity and value with Checkpoint™ Professional Levels. These patented levels help you get boxes, conduit or other electrical items properly positioned and perfectly level the first time and that adds up to significant savings. "Do it once, do it right" with Dottie’s full range of professional electrical contractor’s levels, including four-vial torpedo levels, "no-dog" levels, laser bases, laser levels, multi-reading levels, slope pin systems, square kits, bore centering tools, tripod mounts and more – all featuring Checkpoint's "no-compromise" design and finish standard.

Dottie Ultra Pro Level

Ultra Pro Mag 4 Torpedo Levels

  • Built-in auto 45° angle at one point for quick referencing and perfect alignment
  • 4-vial system includes 90°, 45°, 30° and oversized 0° for easy viewing from oversized view ports, referenced from all sides simultaneously
  • 4 oversized rare-earth neodymium magnets for superior holding power
  • V-Groove system machined on the topside to easily straddle up to a 10 in. diameter pipe
  • CNC machined from 8 in. billet 6061 aluminum alloy, color buff polished, aircraft anodized with permanent laser engraving
  • Designed for portability, efficiency and durability
  • Lifetime guarantee on "indestructible" body
  • Water and shock proof

880 G3 Pro Series Laser Torpedo Levels

Dottie 880 Level
  • Powerful Class 3A laser, accurate to ¼ in. at 100 ft. and 3-dimensionally aligned from all planes of reference
  • Enhanced ergonomic design with threaded front aperture that accepts all Checkpoint lenses; laser operates on three AAA batteries
  • Redesigned, larger vials for easier viewing from all angles; 4 precision 45 min. arc vials at 0°, 30°, 45°, and 90°, plus a top-mounted view bullseye vial
  • V-Groove bottom fits radius pipe/conduit work and four neodymium rare-earth V-Groove magnets hold any metal pipe application
  • CNC milled accuracy from billet 6061 aluminum alloy, color buff polished and aircraft anodized with permanent laser engraving
  • Lifetime warranty on "indestructible" body

U6 V-Groove Multi-Reading Levels

Dottie U6 VGroove Level
  • Offers more degree readings than any level in its class: 0°, 22.5°, 30°, 45°, 60° and 90°
  • 45 min./arc reading bubble vial offers precise readings every time
  • Super-deep V-Groove System fits radius pipes and conduits for easy-to-see readings
  • 16 rare-earth neodymium magnets for ultra holding strength where precision bends are required
  • CNC-machined from 6061-T6 aluminum billet, buff-polished and aerospace-anodized in brilliant red, royal blue, black or platinum, laser-etched graphics
  • Super-compact 2.5 in. x 2 in., free protective belt case