Four Easy Steps to Fast Cover Plate Installation and Savings

Rapid Ring™ self-adjusting pre-fab ring lets you install a cover plate flush with drywall during the trim-out stage in as little as 15 seconds – no tools required.

Win more bids and increase profits with the remarkable B-Line Rapid Ring™ self-adjusting pre-fab plaster ring from Eaton's B-Line business and Graybar. This new pre-fab system fits most standard boxes and brackets and installs in as little as 15 seconds per unit to help save time, lower costs and reduce on-site waste.

With Rapid Ring, you'll never again need to pre-determine drywall thickness. Its patent-pending design, consisting of a box plate with an easy-off/quick-release protective cover and a sleeve, provides a "one-size-fits-all" solution for drywall thicknesses of 1⁄2 to 11⁄4 in. — and up to 2 in. using the Rapid Ring extender ring. Just remove the protective plate from the box plate, connect the wiring device, position the assembly and push it into place, and you are done. And Rapid Ring works just as efficiently with tile, which frequently can present varying thicknesses.

The Rapid Ring System offers the most complete line of any adjustable ring solution on today's market. SKUs are available for applications requiring boxes ranging from 1-4 gang, and Rapid Ring also accommodates both 4 in. and 411⁄16 in. box sizes.

Step 1 Remove the protective plate
Cooper B-Line Rapid Ring
Step 2 Connect the wiring
Cooper B-Line Rapid Ring
Step 3 Position the device assembly
Cooper B-Line Rapid Ring
Step 4 Push the device assembly to finish
Cooper B-Line Rapid Ring

In addition, USA-made Rapid Ring is compatible with ArrowLink™ SPD, WAGO®, pigtails and other wiring methods, as well as both stranded and solid wire.UL-Listed Rapid Ring has passed all pull-out, push-in tests and grounding tests.

Want to find out how much you can save on your next electrical installation? Use Cooper B-Line's Rapid Ring Savings Calculator at And ask your Graybar representative for complete information about the time- and money-saving Rapid Ring System today.