Make Sure Connectors Are Properly Crimped – Each and Every Time

Burndy FORCEGAUGE 12-15

Whether you're in the field or the lab, now there's a reliable way to make sure your 12- or 15-ton Burndy tool is supplying sufficient crimp force to connectors: the FORCEGAUGE 12-15 from Burndy and Graybar. This dependable gauge is factory calibrated and inspected to provide you with a high quality test instrument to support your own quality assurance control.

FORCEGAUGE 12-15 is a precision, self-contained load cell which converts the tool's output force into a pointer motion on a calibrated dial. The dial has two green ranges that make it easy to identify the correct output force for a 12- or 15-ton output force Burndy tool. In addition, a raised set screw fits into a machined hole in the blank die to help align the gauge and die blank. This specially designed feature helps ensure that the dies are engaged properly on the test gauge and mitigates the risk of misalignment, which could lead to erratic readings or force gauge damage.

Ask your Graybar representative for complete information about FORCEGAUGE 12-15.

Features at a Glance

  • One gauge accommodates 12-ton or 15-ton tools
  • Designed to work with Burndy PAT46, PAT750, Y750 and Y35
  • Two blank "U" dies provide secure aligned fit onto the force gauge
  • Comes with a protective custom carrying case
  • 1-year limited warranty on the gauge


The BURNDY® FORCEGAUGE12-15 is a force gauge designed to assure users that their BURNDY tool is supplying sufficient force to crimp connectors properly.

BURNDY FORCEGAUGE12-15 Product Introduction

We are pleased to introduce the new FORCEGAUGE12-15 force test gauge for use on 12 ton and 15 ton BURNDY® tools