3M™ Safety Solutions: The Protective Gear Construction Professionals Rely On

3M Safety Solutions Protective Gear Construction Professionals Rely On

From exposure to airborne materials, to the hazard of falling, safety risks are everywhere on the job-site. Construction workers need to stay safe, and employers have regulatory responsibilities to protect them. In the construction industry, well-designed protective equipment is a must-have, and smart businesses offer the brands and equipment that construction professionals have come to trust.

Delivering Reliable Personal Protective Equipment

Everyone on the job is accountable for staying out of harm’s way, and 3M Safety Solutions can provide a host of options for personal protective equipment to help keep contractors safe. 3M strives to deliver the comfortable, well-designed personal protective equipment that construction professionals rely on when making their site safety decisions and when they are out on the job.

3M protective gear is designed to help construction professionals respond to a number of common preventable safety hazards with products including:

Hard Hats

To help protect workers from the dangers of certain falling objects and bumps to the head.

Fall Protection

To help protect workers against falls from elevation. Specifically, full-body harnesses are easy to wear and always fit properly thanks to built-in comfort features such as targeted padding and quick adjustment hardware. The Elavation™ Harness incorporates advanced design for a more natural fit and fast adjusting. The Ameba™ Harness features a special non-elastic helical yarn webbing that moves with wearers for non-binding mobility. Both harnesses are rated at 400 lbs. and tested to the highest standards.

Workers also trust their safety to 3M Fall Protection Connecting Devices and Retractables and 3M Lanyards. In addition, 3M offers complete, portable fall protection kits, as well as aerial lift kits and roofing kits, anchorage devices and the unique Kinetic™ Confined Space Rescue System.

Hearing Protection:

Help protect workers’ hearing with a range of options, from foam earplugs to earmuffs.

Protective Eyewear

To help prevent eye injuries and protect vision with 3M products that not only protect but look fashionable, adjust to light conditions, offer high-impact safety and and feature task-specific lens tints and shades.

Respiratory Protection

To help safeguard against exposure to certain airborne materials that can affect the respiratory system.

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Protection, comfort & innovation:

  • Trusted Protection: 3M safety products are designed to provide protection and durability that construction workers expect from 3M.
  • Enhanced Comfort: 3M products are also designed for comfort, because solutions that are easy to use and comfortable to wear can help increase their acceptance (and ultimately use) in the workplace.
  • Innovative Solutions: 3M products are designed with innovative features to meet the demands of a wide range of applications.