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America is served by about 360 ports. Those ports handle about 17 million passengers, over 2 billion tons of freight, and are critical to our ability to function as a nation. Graybar is proud to serve our ports. We help you reduce cost, improve security and lower pollution. How do we do that? Our employee owners work to your advantage by employing our supplier solutions with Graybar technical and logistics expertise. Below are several examples. Call us to learn more!

Graybar is proud to be an AAPA member and we look forward to seeing you at the 2013 convention at Port Canaveral.

Graybar is a supplier under the U.S. Communities Electrical and Comm/Data agreements. Learn more about Graybar's U.S. Communities agreements.


Graybar is proud to work with companies such as 3M for biometric technologies and Pelco for video surveillance, with great solutions to help you capture, record and monitor with confidence. Contact a Graybar Representative or call 1-800-GRAYBAR to help you assess your security systems and needs.

3M MiY Port of Long Beach Case Study

3M Cogent’s MiY Outdoor Access Control Biometric Reader meets all the security requirements of the second busiest container port in the United States and goes beyond TSA’s standards.

3M Biometric Access Control Solutions for Government Product Line Card

3M Cogent offers a complete line of biometric access control solutions designed to comply with current and future PACS standards for government credentials SP 800-116 for use with PIV, CAC, and TWIC.

Pelco IP Cameras. Capture with Confidence.

With thousands of camera options to choose from, there’s a Pelco IP camera suitable for every lighting condition, environment, and application. From fixed, entry-level cameras to high-performance PTZ and thermal imaging systems, Pelco IP cameras allow you to capture your important video data with confidence.


Pelco Digital Sentry Hybrid Video Recorder

Maximize high-definition (HD) recording, optimize your video security platform and leverage existing analog investments with the new Digital Sentry Hybrid Network Video Recorder from Pelco by Schneider Electric and Graybar.


Video Security on Your Budget

The FD Series compact, color CCD fixed dome cameras from Pelco provide superior picture quality over a wide range of conditions for price-conscious customers in need of premium features.


Schneider Shore Power

Schneider is the #1 provider in the world for Micro Grid and Shore Power solutions. Need to reduce diesel pollution and become greener? Need to lower the cost of power for the visiting vessels? Call Graybar!

Shore Connection Technology | Environmental Benefits and Best Practices

When it comes to protecting the environment, port communities are on the front lines. The combustion of high-sulfur-content marine fuels in port areas is a major contributor to air pollution and the associated impacts on human health and the environment. Local, national, and international regulations are putting increasing pressure on the maritime industries to control air pollution. This white paper examines shore connection technologies as a way to curb the air pollution generated by maritime shipping activities.

Schneider Shore Connection Solutions Brochure

Meet environmental regulations with shore connection solutions for ports and ships from Schneider Electric.

Shore Connection Applications | Main Challenges

This white paper offers a comprehensive overview of Shore connection solutions and highlights the main technical issues to address during the engineering, installation, and operation phases.


Excellent lighting is critical to energy efficiency, security, safety and accuracy. You can have better quality light, save as much as 75% of the KWH’s that you use, and extend maintenance intervals to decades. So much is dependent on your lighting system – call your Graybar Representative for a Graybar PowerSmart® audit and recommendation today, or visit the PowerSmart website.

Holophane High Mast LED lighting

Focused on providing excellent visibility with an LED light source that results in long system life and excellent uniformity, the HMAO LED substantially reduces maintenance and energy costs up to 75% over incumbent high intensity discharge lighting systems.

Crouse-Hinds Champ Pro PFM Series 25L and 50L Floodlight Brochure

Champ® PFM LED Series floodlights are designed to provide full-spectrum, crisp, white light. Two versions of the Champ Pro PFM LED are available, providing ideal solutions for a wide range of applications.

Power Fuses and Protection

High Speed Fuse Application Guide

This Guide's objective is to provide engineers easy access to Cooper Bussmann data for high speed fuses. It also provides detailed information on the Cooper Bussmann high speed fuse reference system. The various physical standards are covered with examples of applications along the considerations to cover in selecting rated voltage, rated current and similar main data for protecting power semiconductors.

Cooper Bussmann UL and Data Signal SPD Guide for North American Applications

Cooper Bussmann offers a wide selection of surge protection products that help assure power quality by eliminating damaging surge and overvoltage conditions.