Technical Specialists

Technical Specialists
Impacts Regulatory Compliance

Graybar technical specialists can help you solve problems. As building systems become more intelligent, integrated and automated, Graybar is committed to supporting your facility needs — including power, lighting, networking, energy management, security and more.

Our technical specialists can help customers in the following areas today and continually expand their knowledge and skills to master new technologies. Call 1-800-GRAYBAR or fill out the form below to ask how our specialists can assist you.

Graybar Healthcare Facility Solutions Brochure

Graybar is your solution provider to address the key challenges you face: How do you generate cost and energy savings? How do you improve the patient experience? How do you select the solutions designed to keep current with regulatory compliance?

Healthcare Lighting Checklist for Success

Patient experience, energy budget, caregiver performance, maintenance team availability and more are all affected by your lighting system. Graybar can help you make sense of your current lighting system, controls and emergency power supply.

Power Specialist  

Power and Control Specialists

Our automation and control technical specialists can assist on a wide variety of power and control solutions, specifiying the best total solution for you.

  • Power monitoring and software
  • EPSS equipment and programs
  • Drives application and start-up
  • Gear renewal and services
  • Arc flash assessment
  • BMS components and application

Learn more about power monitoring and EPSS solutions for healthcare.

Lighting Specialist  

Lighting Specialists

Graybar lighting specialists use EcoInsight software to audit your facilities for energy efficiency upgrades and patient satisfaction lighting results.

  • Quality lighting for the right patient experience
  • Payback grade lighting audits
  • CFO level financial analysis
  • Lighting controls application
  • LEED consultations
  • Energy Star recommendations
  • Coordination of turn-key projects and rebates

Learn more about lighting solutions for healthcare.

Security Specialist  

Security Specialists

Graybar security specialists assist our customers with video security, access control and IP security.

  • Security specialists to provide surveillance system components and layout
  • Access control systems and strategy

Learn more about security solutions for healthcare.

Network Specialist  

Network Specialists

Graybar has RCDD certified specialists to assist in secure and reliable network products and solutions.

  • RCDD specialists to assist in design and specification
  • System security coordination and layout
  • Network architecture assistance

DAS and Wireless Specialists  

Distributed Antenna Systems and Wireless Specialists

  • Project analysis and consultation
  • Coordination with carriers, neutral hosts and integrators
  • Financing options
  • We can provide a clear, intelligent path to success

Data Center Security  

Data Center Security and Efficiency Specialists

  • RCDD specialists to assist with design and implementation
  • PUE analysis systems and software
  • Cooling design
  • Network security methods and products


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