Storeroom Services

Storeroom Solutions
Impacts Cost and Energy Savings

Graybar has "been in the logistics business" since 1869. If you are wrestling with inventory expense, location of the correct items and positioning them where they are used – Graybar can help. Graybar is proud to distribute many of the most-preferred brands as well as a wide variety of general MRO supplies. We also can deploy our SmartStock inventory management solutions to help you have the right parts, where you need them. We help our customers understand their parts need and then improve processes with bar-code replenishment, vending machines, and eBusiness. Call Graybar at 1-800-GRAYBAR to discuss your inventory situation.

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Graybar is your solution provider to address the key challenges you face: How do you generate cost and energy savings? How do you improve the patient experience? How do you select the solutions designed to keep current with regulatory compliance?


Graybar Electrical, CommData and Security MRO

Graybar can help keep your facility running with maintenance and repair solutions. Our solutions provide the quality and reliability you need for reliable installations that minimize rework and downtime with the brands you prefer, stocked at your local Graybar.

Smartstock Inventory Management  

Graybar SmartStock® Inventory Management

Graybar SmartStock® is an inventory management system and solution to help ensure what you want is in stock without the hassle.

Supply Pro  

Graybar SmartStock® Vending

Graybar can place vending machines in your facility to issue and track common items, specialty items, tools and spares. We can manage them to improve inventory tracking, reducing your time and effort.

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Storage Solutions  

Storage Solutions

Graybar and Lyon can help you with antimicrobial storage solutions such as lockers, shelving, and racking. We also can supply Safety Cans and Flammable Liquids cabinets. Lyon is well known for their workplace bench and modular drawer cabinets as well.


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