GPO Sourcing Agreements

Sourcing Agreements
Impacts Cost and Energy Savings

Graybar drives savings for most healthcare facilities in the U.S. through contracts and agreements. Graybar is a contracted supplier with five large national Group Purchasing Organizations, which include Premier Inc., Vizient, Healthtrust, Intalere and The Resource Group. These contracts help lower acquisition costs and minimize your investment, so you can concentrate on providing excellent patient care and outcomes.

Graybar has the ability, through our GPO agreements, to offer IDNs custom contracting, focusing on the specific needs of the IDNs healthcare facilities.

Graybar’s Quality Management System, which is certified against the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, assures that you are getting the right price from your GPO or custom contract and that your Graybar purchases are being tracked and reported to the appropriate GPO. Graybar’s national GPO agreements always feature the brands that you know and trust, at the great pricing you need.

eCommerce is a key feature of our customer agreements. Graybar has been using eCommerce with our customers and suppliers since 1984. ShopGraybar is our B2B website. Once activated, your account provides access to all of your pricing, locations and special features for your account. If you prefer to use "punch out" or "hosted" catalogs, Graybar is your distributor! We work with many companies to provide seamless integration. Basic EDI orders, acknowledgements and invoices are tools we use to reduce our mutual costs.

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Graybar is your solution provider to address the key challenges you face: How do you generate cost and energy savings? How do you improve the patient experience? How do you select the solutions designed to keep current with regulatory compliance?


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