Maintenance Solutions

Maintenance Solutions
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At Graybar, we differentiate ourselves by offering a wide variety of products for healthcare facilities. Our specialized technical resources can help you evaluate, plan and develop solutions for your healthcare facility. We work with leading manufacturers that offer best-in-class technology and expertise, providing reliable, efficient, high-performing solutions. Call 1-800-GRAYBAR or fill out the form below to learn more about the maintenance solutions offered through Graybar.


Fluke Ti400 Ti300 Ti200 Infrared Cameras  

Test & Measurement

associated manufacturers: Fluke


Wiring Devices

Modular wiring devices with quick connect feature save time and reduce accidents.

associated manufacturers: Hubbell, Leviton

USB Wiring Device  

USB Combination Wiring Devices

Graybar offers a multi-use receptacle for a multi-tasking world. USB Charger Receptacles provide both USB and electrical power in a standard single gang electrical opening. Designed to provide more charging options for personal electronics, the USB ports are capable of charging two tablets simultaneously.

associated manufacturers: Hubbell, Leviton


MRI Compatible Wiring Devices

Graybar offers hospital grade electrical receptacles with no ferrous metal, so they are perfect for high-magnetic field environments such as magnetic-resonance imaging (MRI) suites.

associated manufacturers: Hubbell, Legrand, Leviton


Floor Boxes / Poke Thrus

Modular In-Floor System delivers a consistent, aesthetic and functional solution for applications "in-the-floor" or "through-the-floor" for power, voice, data and audio/video requirements.

associated manufacturers: Hubbell, Thomas & Betts, Wiremold

Wall Duct  

Wall / Trench Duct

State-of-the-art medical equipment needs to be powered and connected to the hospital’s network. Wallduct, aluminum Trenchduct and nonmetallic raceway allow for sufficient capacity to power high-tech MRI and CT machines. They are UL listed to maintain the highest standards of health and safety.

associated manufacturers: Hubbell, Wiremold


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