Power Monitoring and EPSS

Power Monitoring and EPSS
Impacts Regulatory Compliance Impacts Cost and Energy Savings

Emergency Power Supply System (EPSS) is often cited in the Top 10 Joint Commission Deficiencies. Graybar can help you take backup power system reliability to the next level by boosting reliability, eliminating inefficient testing, collecting data during real outages and automatically measuring and monitoring your EPSS 24/7.

Power Monitoring is essential to documenting your true energy usage and savings. Graybar technical representatives can help you develop an incremental monitoring system that will allow you to measure power, reveal power quality, improve reliability and efficiency, trend, analyze and report in real-time and alarm you when you need to know.

On average, a hospital spends $75 per day on energy per patient and $66 per day on pharmaceuticals. Call 1-800-GRAYBAR or fill out the form to ask how Graybar can help lower your operating costs.


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[PDF] The HealthPower Infrastructure Program from Square D Services

Square D PowerLogic Meter  

Power Logic Monitors

The electric bill is typically the largest unaudited expense. Power logic meters can have a six-month ROI. Active control reduces demand charges.

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EPSS  Software  

EPSS Software

We can help you meet NFPA 110 documentation while automating test procedures.

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Power Factor Correction  

Power Factor Correction

Power factor correction solutions can reduce your kWh demand and improve the reliability of your power system. Contact Graybar for a range of meters, audits and complete solutions.

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Line Isolation  

Line Isolation Monitors

The new IsoGuard 6 Line Isolation monitor can be installed to upgrade your current units to monitor balanced and unbalanced impedance of your circuits.

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Fluke Ti400 Ti300 Ti200 Infrared Cameras  

Power Quality and Testing

Power availability adn power quality are topics that every healthcare facility has at the top of their list. Fluke is the leader in testing adn measurement for these products. Call 1-800-GRAYBAR today for a demonstration of these Fluke power quality solution meters.

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