LED lighting sources provide crisp, white light with very low wattage draw and extended life.
Impacts Patient Experience Impacts Cost and Energy Savings

More than 40 percent of the energy used in a healthcare facility is consumed by lighting. The quality of lighting is a critical component of patient care, security, as well as the patient experience. Graybar has the ability to help your healthcare facility customers evaluate their facilities, provide payback and construction grade audits, lighting upgrade proposals, and even turn-key projects that include any utility and government rebates. Call 1-800-GRAYBAR or fill out the form and ask for an audit or to discuss lighting options for your facility. Learn more about our solutions including:


Lighting for Healthcare Environments

Here is the key to good design in any environment: design with the end user in mind. In healthcare applications the “users” are many. Forgetting just one group during the design process can make a huge impact on the success of the final product.  Read more.


Graybar Healthcare Facility Solutions Brochure

Graybar is your solution provider to address the key challenges you face: How do you generate cost and energy savings? How do you improve the patient experience? How do you select the solutions designed to keep current with regulatory compliance?

How Old Lighting Impacts Your Facility

The recent improvements in LED lighting, price reductions in technology and generous utility rebates make now the time to cash in.

LEED Check List for Healthcare

Graybar can assist your healthcare facility in implementing the LEED 2009 for Healthcare: New Construction and Major Renovation guidelines.

Healthcare Specific Fixtures

Good quality lighting is critical for outstanding patience experience. The links below take you to specific fixtures throughout your continuum of care. We offer antimicrobial coatings, night lights to help the patient circadian rhythms, exam lights and MRI or surgical lights. Call 1-800-GRAYBAR today for a full review of your lighting needs and our application suggestions, or fill out the form below.


LED lighting sources provide crisp, white light with very low wattage draw and extended life.

LED lights are energy efficient, long-lasting options that offer excellent light quality. Advantages include instant on, less light loss, no UV/IR emissions, cold temperature operation and are environmentally friendly. LED life is often 50,000 hours and can range up to 100,000 hours. This dramatically reduces the hassle of constant lamp replacement.

Graybar offers a wide range of LED products from screw-in replacements to fixtures designed specifically for the LED source and application. With dramatic energy reductions, much less maintenance, and utility rebates where available – paybacks can be very attractive! Call 1-800-GRAYBAR or fill out the form and ask about our LED solutions today.


Best LED Payback? Parking Lots and Garages

Garages usually offer the best payback as they have long burn hours. The LED light sources brighten the space with white light and improve the sense of safety. With their custom optics, we can deliver a much smoother lighting job, reducing dark spots and shadows dramatically. Patients and their families can spot their vehicles far easier with bright, color-correct light!

Parking lots also have excellent payback. The cost of ongoing maintenance can be $60 to $100 per fixture per year. Yearly bucket truck maintenance and yellowing lenses filled with bugs are in the past. As LED sources have bright, white light that can last 50,000 hours, or more, the effect is beautiful and savings are attractive. LED fixtures are so precise, light trespass to your neighbors is greatly reduced, compared to your other sources.

associated manufacturers: Acuity, Eaton's Lighting Division, GE Lighting


Outdoor LED Lighting

Exterior lighting floodlights, wall packs and accent lights are important to improve the attractiveness of your hospital. Until now, the downside was that they consume valuable maintenance time as well as electric power. LED sources are excellent at performing the task. They have crisp white light, excellent control and a very low energy draw. Service intervals are measured in decades instead of years.

associated manufacturers: Acuity, Eaton's Lighting Division, GE Lighting


Stairwell LED Lighting

In addition to floor-to-floor access, stairwells are a great place to save energy and reduce maintenance! LED fixtures can dramatically reduce maintenance in very awkward spaces as well as cutting wattage by 50 to 70%. Graybar can specify fixtures that contain integral sensors that reliably dim the fixture to a reduced light level, but return to full levels when occupied.  With these new products, you won't have to worry about how many lights are out in your stairwells.

associated manufacturers: Acuity, Eaton's Lighting Division, Lutron


General LED Illumination

Your patients and visitors will be impressed with the well-lit interior of your facility. Whether you are looking for can lights, corridor troffers or accent lighting, LED sources are available to meet and exceed your requirements. The small source size and color options of LEDs can make an immediate improvement. Controls can save energy, rotate colors or match your lighting to the incoming natural light. Let our Lighting Specialists create a new look for you.

associated manufacturers: Acuity, Eaton's Lighting Division, GE Lighting


LED Replacements

Replacement LED lamps are an excellent choice to upgrade your facility, while retaining your current fixtures. We stock a wide variety of shapes, sizes and wattages to fit your applications. Your light levels are improved while maintenance needs disappear! They are an excellent choice for those hard-to-reach fixtures.

associated manufacturers: GE Lighting

Heliport Lighting  

Heliport Lighting

Eaton Crouse-Hinds LED solutions can save 74% of energy and 100 times the maintenance hours required. We project that they can provide a ROI in about two years (depending on installation cost). Move to FAA approved fixtures and reduce your time and compliance exposure now!

associated manufacturers: Cooper Crouse-Hinds Airport Lighting Products

High Efficiency Lamps and Ballasts  

High Efficiency Lamps & Ballasts

Lighting can account for 40 percent of the energy cost of a hospital. GE lighting solutions can improve the patient experience with correct color, energy efficient dependable lamps. Your Graybar representative can visit your facility to make specific recommendations regarding upgrades that are inexpensive but provide a large benefit.

associated manufacturers: GE, Advance

Occupancy Sensors  

Occupancy Sensors

Occupancy sensors offer the best ROI for energy savings! Your Graybar team can suggest appropriate placement and products to save lighting dollars while keeping users happy. Current technology is adaptive to users and requires very little maintenance. Wireless sensors are fast and cheap to install.

associated manufacturers: Acuity, Eaton's Lighting Division, Hubbell, Leviton, WattStopper

Daylight Sensors  

Daylight Sensors and Controls

Daylight harvesting can help you meet regulations, LEED compliance, save energy and improve visual comfort. Graybar provides a wide range of solutions that include retrofit sensors, ballasts and new fixtures.

associated manufacturers: Acuity, Eaton's Lighting Division, Hubbell, Leviton, WattStopper

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