Energy Services

Energy Services
Impacts Cost and Energy Savings Impacts Patient Experience Impacts Regulatory Compliance

Energy is one cost that healthcare facilities can control. According to the Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey, healthcare organizations spend more than $8.5 billion on energy each year to meet patient needs.

Every dollar a healthcare organization saves on energy has the equivalent impact on the bottom line as increasing revenues by $20 for hospitals or $10 for medical offices. Although energy costs continue to increase, the investment for energy saving solutions can be reduced through a number of incentives, such as EPAct (Energy Policy Act of 2005), and other incentives through local utilities and local and state governments.

Increasing regulations mean increased challenges. The Joint Commission, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Occupational Safety and Hazard Agency (OSHA) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) set high standards for healthcare facilities. Graybar can provide solutions that support compliance, reduce risks and lower costs.

Whatever is driving your facility investments – complying with government regulations, enhancing power protection, expanding intelligent building capabilities or decreasing energy costs – you want Graybar in your corner. Our unique ability to provide solutions within the areas of power, intelligent buildings, and energy management can make your job easier and help you achieve your goals. Call 1-800-GRAYBAR or fill out the form below to get started.

Graybar Healthcare Facility Solutions Brochure

Graybar is your solution provider to address the key challenges you face: How do you generate cost and energy savings? How do you improve the patient experience? How do you select the solutions designed to keep current with regulatory compliance?

Graybar Arc Flash Safety Brochure

Read this Arc Flash Safety brochure to learn about the recent changes to NFPA 70E codes, compliance solutions from Graybar and Schneider Electric for workplace safety and the six steps to protect your workers from Arc Flash including safety audits, PPE equipment and arc flash training.

Technical Specialists  

Technical Specialists

Graybar technical specialists can help you solve problems. As building systems become more intelligent, integrated and automated, Graybar is committed to supporting your facility needs — including power, lighting, networking, energy management, security and more.

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Square D Services

Schneider Services can provide energy audits, arc flash audits and remediation, maintenance of equipment and much more.

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