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About the Program

Healthcare facilities are complex and very heavily regulated. The cost to deliver healthcare to a population that is growing and living longer continues to increase. Hospital management must balance financial, operational and clinical goals while addressing ever changing regulations.

The effects of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are still not fully clear, yet have the potential to reduce your net profit by two percent or more. Now more than ever it is important to reduce the total lifecycle costs of your facility and enable it to adapt to the future demands as the roles of buildings evolve in the continuum of care.

Let Graybar show you what we are currently doing for other hospitals. Graybar has the products and experience you need to upgrade and maintain your hospital campus.

Our solutions are built to help you accomplish 3 key goals:

  1. Reduce your expense. We help reduce energy expense, purchase cost of materials and improve your business efficiency.
  2. Improve the Patient Experience. This critical measurement can be impacted through solutions designed to address ICRA, improve lighting, security and the overall patient experience of your facility.
  3. Improve Regulatory Compliance. A Maryland hospital that temporarily lost certification in 2013 was reported to have lost $5 million in two weeks. We can help you reduce deficiencies in code requirements as well as surveys from Joint Commission, DNV and AOAHFAP.


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