Safety in Education Resources

  • Talk-A-Phone K-12 School Safety Sheet

    When it comes to school facilities and campuses, nothing is more important than the safety of your students, faculty and staff. Schools today must be prepared to face a host of potential emergency and crisis situations that go far beyond the standard fire drill. Traditional notification measures, such as Public Address Systems, are not enough. Graybar and Talk-A-Phone can help.

  • Calpipe Security Bollards Brochure

    With the industry's broadest range and largest selection of bollards, Calpipe Security Bollards meets the aesthetic and functional requirements for a wide range of security, architectural, and landscaping installations. Select from lighted, retractable, removable, or embedded styles in multiple versions, and our bollard experts will work with you to determine the exact bollard needed for your application.

  • Calpipe High Rated Security Bollards Brochure

    Calpipe Security Bollards' high security bollards are made in the USA and meet ARRA requirements for public projects or company requests. Calpipe Security Bollards uses Type 304 grade stainless steel or Type 316 for harsh environments, upon request.

  • Calpipe Lighted Bollards Brochure

    Calpipe's architectural lighted bollards are designed to deter vehicles, guide pedestrians and illuminate walkways. These bollards are anchored to a baseplate or flush mount base foundation, which makes them easy to install in almost any location.

  • AMX SchoolView RESQ Product Sheet

    SchoolView ResQ amplifies the teacher's voice which improves classroom behavior while providing a safety alert feature.

  • Command and Control Your Campus Technology Case Study

    AMX SchoolView, a hardware and software package that uses a school’s existing data network, offers an instant cleanup. School officials can control everything—public address systems, energy management, video-on-demand, digital signage, emergency alert notifications—from one location using an intuitive touch panel.

  • AMX SchoolView Bell & PA Product Sheet

    Simplify your bell schedule, use standard MP3 bell tones, and synchronized bells and clocks with the SchoolView Bell & PA system.

  • First Responder In-Building Radio Coverage White Paper

    This paper offers practical tips and considerations for successfully enhancing public safety radio coverage in buildings. They are presented to assist public safety entities and commercial developers with their selection and deployment of Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS).

  • AMX SchoolView Digital Signage Product Sheet

    SchoolView Signage is a simple, intuitive digital signage solution that allows staff to quickly create templates and content, and then publish content to each player, which is small enough to mount behind any display.

  • St. Louis School Builds Campus-Wide Connectivity Into Construction Project Case Study

    AMX SchoolView allows junior/senior high to integrate zoned bells, digital signs, security, and more.