Lighting Solutions for Food Processing and Cold Storage applications

Lighting is One Cost You Can Control

Lighting Solutions for Food Processing and Cold Storage Applications

Your lighting system must endure tough conditions in a number of severe environments, from splash zones to loading docks, yet consistently contribute to a clean, safe and visually effective workplace. Even more, it must do all this without straining your budget for electricity and maintenance, or causing a plant shutdown. Graybar and Acuity Brands is your single-source provider for gaining all the advantages of today’s lighting solutions for food-processing operations.

Lighting Solutions That Meet Your Needs

  • Reduce contamination risks with easy-to-clean lighting fixtures that also reduce your maintenance costs and downtime through long-life light sources.
  • Keep current with the latest in lighting forms that minimize breakage and meet the latest government regulations regarding food quality, safety and defense.
  • Provide employees with lighting that enhances visibility and protects them from shadows or blinding glare that can increase your plant’s liabilities.

Holophane Vantage® LED: Advanced Food-Safe Design

Holophane’s Vantage® LED line of advanced food-safe lighting solutions exceeds the rigorous demands of food processing plants thanks to its strategic sloped shape and ultra-sleek corrosion-resistant finish that repel water and provide nowhere for food, dirt or debris to hide. Vantage® components last longer, saving maintenance time/cost and reducing downtime.

Features and Benefits

  • Delivers up to 50% energy reduction over traditional light sources
  • Multiple lumen packages provide one-for-one replacement of up to 400W HID or 6-lamp T5HO fluorescent
  • Aim and position the light to engineer the most effective and efficient design
  • Fewer fixtures and poles leads to lower installed cost
  • Long-life components save you money by minimizing maintenance and production downtime

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