Public Safety, America's Lifeline

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Public-safety communications has evolved out of necessity and in line with technological advancements. Throughout this evolution, there have been many imperatives. Over time, through these imperatives communications have advanced to produce safer environments to work, live and play. With FirstNet (First Responder Network Authority) on the horizon and alignment of wireless broadband technologies with current imperatives, how did we get where we are today? How did technology play a role? How did stakeholders make it happen? This informative presentation by SOLiD will provide the answers and guide you on how to prepare your facility for the future of public safety.

Bob Murray


Bob Murray
Director of Strategic Accounts – SOLiD

In his role as Director of Strategic Accounts, Bob is responsible for defining and executing the company’s Distribution Strategy and Public Safety Focus in the U.S. and Canada. Bob is responsible for many of the company’s largest Public Safety transactions including the Stanford Campus, Sutter Health, Providence Health, Amazon Campus, Nintendo, and many other marquee projects. He possesses more than 15 years of experience in the wireless industry, with 7 years focused in the Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) market. Prior to joining SOLiD, Bob focused on wireless security technology for devices used by our Military in the Middle East. Bob is a member of several Public Safety APCO chapters as well the Safer Building Coalition.

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SOLiD White Paper: Public Safety Imperative