Earn BICSI CECs with On-Demand Webinar Replays


G2 Talk is Graybar's monthly webinar series focused on new products and technology used in building intelligence and energy efficiency applications. For this “G2 Talk” series, Graybar has teamed with subject matter experts from many of our world-class manufacturers to bring a different topic and speaker to customers each month via a live webinar.

To qualify for your BICSI credit, register and watch 50 minutes of the webinar. Click on the award ribbon at the bottom of the screen to download and print your certificate. NOTE: The certificate for Are You Prepared for PoE? is distributed directly from CPI.

SD LAN: What it Means for Your Bottom Line

Every passing day brings a growing need for more efficient and effective ways to connect a multitude of users, devices, services, and applications. With software-defined networks these potential growing pains can be alleviated. Although it may be a seemingly progressive architecture, software-defined networks empower network managers to make their infrastructures more adaptable, scalable and programmable to respond to evolving connectivity needs without inevitable CAPEX and OPEX inefficiencies.

Join Corning during this webinar to better understand the definition of software-defined networks and the role they play in the overall convergence landscape. This video is approved to provide one BICSI CEC. Register to watch on demand »

Unlock Your Connectivity: OEM Compatible Transceivers, DACs and AOCs

Although the demand for bandwidth continues to rise in data centers that doesn't mean capital budgets are keeping pace. Compatible Optical Transceivers, Direct Attach Cables (DAC) and Active Optical (AOC) Cables allow operators to simplify sourcing and realize substantial savings by avoiding elevated prices from switch vendors.

Join Graybar and ProLabs to learn about what to look for in a compatible networking vendor, along with data center trends around DACs, AOCs and 100G. We will also discuss how to maximize the use of existing fiber infrastructure utilizing advanced transceiver technology. This video is approved to provide one BICSI CEC. Register to watch on demand »

Are You Prepared for PoE?

As Power over Ethernet (PoE) continues to grow, so does the demand for applications with increased power. Due to this increase, a new amendment to IEEE 802.3bt-2018 was recently published. This amendment addresses the demands of new, high-speed wireless access points and cameras, and increases the wattage that PoE can deliver to end points. Implementing it will require not just an upgrade of the network switch, but possibly an upgrade of your network cabling.

Discussion points include:

  • How enhanced PoE impacts cable management design
  • Switch upgrades and future updates to wireless network standards
  • Requirements of the 2017 NFPA 70: National Electric Code
  • Suggestions for cable management and maintaining a reliable system
Join Graybar and CPI to learn about the concerns over heat buildup in existing cables. By attending, you’ll walk away with a better understanding of how to prepare for the impact of enhanced PoE on your network. This video is approved to provide one BICSI CEC available through Jun-19-2020. NOTE: The certificate for Are You Prepared for PoE? is distributed directly from CPI. Register to watch on demand »

The Power of Category Cable - Recent Developments in PoE and 10G Cable Solutions

The webinar will focus on recent developments in Power over Ethernet (PoE) and 10G / 6A cable. We will present CEC eligible material that describes how power impacts PoE category cable, UL's LP listing, and most importantly how PoE cables are addressed in the 2017 National Electric Code. We will also communicate exciting developments in the 6A cable market, helping the team understand how the right cable can drive cost savings for the entire value chain.

This video is approved to provide one BICSI CEC. Register to watch on demand »

Beyond AV Club: Simplifying Audio and Visual Installations

Understanding the challenges associated with the transport of high-bandwidth audio and visual signals in classrooms and throughout educational facilities is key to designing a system that is user-friendly, cost-effective, and future-proof.

This webinar offers a simplified approach to the specification, selection, quoting, and sizing of AV equipment. Topics covered will include:
  • How to reduce the cost and complexity of AV systems to make the budget process as painless as possible
  • Ways of installing AV systems designed for use in common and shared spaces and built on a category cable infrastructure
  • Key information on required cabling and infrastructure, as well as the total lifecycle cost of the system, including maintenance and upgrades

You will walk away with an understanding of how to put together AV solutions that anyone can use intuitively, with no training or maintenance issues. This video is approved to provide one BICSI CEC—available through Feb-02-2020. Register to watch on demand »

Intelligent Building Design Optimized with Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Intelligent building design and Power Over Ethernet (PoE) is a hot topic and for good reason. An intelligent building allows the interoperability and network control of building systems, improves the physical and virtual aspects of the workplace, provides sustainable solutions and lowers energy cost.

Join Graybar, Legrand and Superior Essex as we walk you through the advantages and ROI of the digital building. We'll cover how to choose the right connectivity and deliver enough power and data to every endpoint in your digital building.

We'll also review the latest intelligent building code (ANSI/BICSI-007) and walk you through a case study of a futuristic hotel leveraging PoE to power lighting, cameras, shades, keyless entry, mini fridge, hairdryers and more. This video is approved to provide one BICSI CEC available through Mar-22-2020. Register to watch on demand »

Small Cell Calling: How to Get 5 Bars into Your Building

Mobile connectivity has become the “fourth utility” for in-building services. While Wi-Fi was the first step in addressing this requirement, many enterprises and venues are struggling to address the cellular connectivity issues facing their infrastructure.

Join Corning in this webinar to learn the requirements for making high quality in-building cellular viable for every venue and how technology is only a portion of the answer. This video is approved to provide one BICSI CEC— available through Mar-06-2020. Register to watch on demand »

Latest Trends for On Premise and Colocation Data Centers

To navigate the convergence of IT and A/V one must appreciate the changing nature of “the last 100 meters” that connects machine and user. This presentation will look closely at the emerging trends and applied science that will change the very nature of audiovisual installations in the coming months and years.

Starting with a strong look at the history of convergence and moving to new applications and developments that will usher in an age of ambient computing and augmented communication, we will examine and explore topics as diverse as 4K and advanced display systems, mobile device integration trends, and maybe even the real meaning of the “Internet of things”. We will tie elements of audio, video, network and wireless technology together in unique ways that help to provide a clear picture of an industry in motion.

Discover the challenges, changes, resources and opportunities coming in the next 5 years. It’s an A/V technology story you can’t afford to miss!

This video is approved to provide one BICSI CEC— available through Jan-16-2020. Register to watch on demand »

In-Building Fiber to the Edge: A Case Study

Local area networks and in-building wireless needs are evolving. Fiber-based networks provide a unique value proposition by bringing network access and intelligence closer to end-users.

Join us for a webinar where we’ll show you how Graybar and Corning can bring fiber to the ‘Edge’ with a real-life, on-site deployment. This video is approved to provide one BICSI CEC—available through Aug-15-2019. Register to watch on demand »

How the Cloud is Redefining Edge Data Center Design

The world is rapidly changing and the always-on, always-available expectation continues to evolve. Leveraging massive amounts of data generated by the Internet of Things into an automated lifestyle is proving to be a challenge. For today’s connected world, reliable data processing and content delivery is essential.

Edge computing that minimizes the physical gap between data and the end user is a vital component of new cloud architecture. However, edge data centers are not configured for the same level of availability as larger hyperscale data centers.

This session will address how data centers can support new demands such as smart-cities and remote business branch offices. Learn how business-critical edge sites should be designed to achieve high availability and why the current paradigm of data center availability is inadequate. This video is approved to provide one BICSI CEC—available through May-10-2019. Register to watch on demand »

It’s All About That Base: HDBaseT Cabling Considerations in a 4K World

There are conflicting messages in the AV market when it comes to HDBaseT cabling. What is the best cable to support this system and why? Belden has recently published a white paper on this subject. This presentation will discuss the idiosyncrasies of the HDBaseT signal and provide clarity on the proper cabling solution for HDBaseT installations. This video is approved to provide one BICSI CEC—available through Mar-08-2019. Register to watch on demand »