Transforming Your Infrastructure into a Utility-Grade Network

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Is your network ready and are you prepared for the Internet of Everything? The demands of the network are changing and changing very fast. A robust network infrastructure is critical as we enter this new era of “all things connected." This G2 Talk webinar will help you understand the challenges that are ahead of you and outline a migration path to a utility-grade infrastructure to support the network of the future.

Dave Cunningham


Dave E Cunningham
Director, Business Development, Tellabs
President, Association for Passive Optical LAN

Dave Cunningham has been involved with designing, building and managing networks for more than 20 years, and has been involved in the Passive Optical LAN industry since its inception. He leverages that experience to manage Tellabs Optical LAN Business Development team. In this role, he is globally responsible for product management and marketing. Dave also ensures that Tellabs and its partners understand the unique needs of Passive Optical LAN customers and that Tellabs meets those needs with the best Passive Optical LAN solutions.

In 2013, Dave brought IT industry leaders together and led the creation of the Association for Passive Optical LAN, a trade association focused on educating and advocating Passive Optical LAN technologies. He currently serves as the association president.

Before moving to Tellabs’ Business Development organization, Dave worked in Corning Cable Systems’ commercial & IT organizations for 22 years. In various roles, he was responsible for designing, implementing and maintaining Corning’s global LAN, WAN and voice networks before moving into Corning’s Business Development group and leading Corning’s Passive Optical LAN program.

Dave has a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from Bob Jones University.

Ray S. Barnes


Ray S. Barnes
Manager, LAN
Market Development, Corning

Ray joined Corning Cable Systems in 2000 and managed high visibility projects, including Charter Communications CATV deployments, GCI Alyeska pipe-line fiber deployment and South Korea LEAF Fiber deployment for the US Army. In addition, Ray became a certified optical fiber instructor.

In 2004, Ray moved into Applications Engineering covering both Optical Hardware and Optical Connectors. In this capacity he worked closely with product development teams to develop several key products such as the Pretium Unicam Connector, Single Panel Housing and the Integrated Trunk Module.

Ray’s work in understanding customer problems earned him a position as Discovery Manager in 2008 where he guided the development of the EDGE data-center product through the innovation process starting with discovery and later commercialization of the product. In addition, Ray laid the groundwork for the Next Generation LAN project that yielded the new improved CCH housings.

In 2010 he assumed the role of Market Development Manager LAN and immediately joined the development team for the new CCH housings and splice cassettes guiding the project from early Voice of Customer work all the way to commercialization. Since 2013 Ray has been leading the Corning Market Development effort to promote Passive Optical LAN . In that time, he has lead the development of several key POL components for the federal government Secure PON solutions. Ray continues to develop and commercialize products for Passive Optical LAN applications.

Ray received his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from North Carolina State University.