Smarter Enterprise Connectivity for Next Generation Networks

Thursday August 21, 2014

The consumerization of IT is challenging organizations to rethink their network infrastructure from a connectivity point-of-view towards a business enabler point-of-view. Today’s growing enterprise needs of incorporating mobile devices and leveraging cloud infrastructure are limited by current enterprise IT designs. These challenges are reflected in a number of enterprise IT trends:

  • Capacity Saturation – By 2015, 80% of the wireless LAN will be obsolete (Gartner)
  • Enemies from Within – BYOD poses severe security issues
  • Scaling Out not Up – Increasing reliance on Cloud for storage, computing and services
  • User Experience – Rich media, mobile HDTV, mobile gaming requires strong QoS
  • Information Wilderness – Need to understand where data is coming and going
  • Driving Down Cost – CAPEX and OPEX reduction, green buildings

These challenges and an approach for meeting them will be discussed during this webinar.

John W. Short


John W. Short
IBM Global Program Manager, Cabling and Connectivity

Mr. Short has over 30 years of experience in the information technology services profession. His most recent experience has focused on developing solutions for clients that involve cabling and connectivity offerings for building facilities and data centers on a global scale. Mr. Short is the Vice President of the Association for Passive Optical LAN (POL) and has collaborated with multiple clients and partners on industry leading POL solutions. Areas of focus include Smarter Enterprise Connectivity, Passive Optical LANs, and Modular Cabling Systems.